Here are all songs that open and end mechanical saws!

Chainsaw Man gave anime fans a lot of amazing twists and turns, amazing characters and several brutal battle scenes.But this iconic anime series is also loved for the incredible selection of music tailored to the mood.Here are all the songs that open and ending Chainsaw Man, including fragments of interviews with the creators of each song!

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Unique songs ending chainsaw man

Chainsaw Man is set only to contain one main song, namely Kick Back Kenshi Yonezu.Kenshi Yonezu is already quite well known in the world of anime, he worked with many successful and popular anime titles – such as My Hero Acadekaren and the Sangatsu No Lion series.

A devoted anime lover published the following clip on Twitter, giving us a foretaste of what Yonezu can have upside down for fans of chainsaw man:

Here are some songs by Kenshi Yonez, who will be doing the opening topic of Chainsaw Man.

To give you a foretaste of what you are packing, I wanted to publish this one

– Chainsaw Man Nation (@Chainsawmannews)

September 20, 2022

Yonezu made the following comment in connection with his work on the main song opening Chainsaw Man, expressing gratitude and exciting with a new project.

“I am honored because I liked the original.The strength that this song has above all is huge, so it was extremely difficult to find a similar sound, but as a result of accumulation one after the other, this song was completed.I would be grateful if you could hear it.thank you very much.”

The Anime Chainsaw Man band has recently released the third trailer of the series, as you can see below, thanks to Mappa Channel, mainly with the participation of the heroes of Tokyo Special Division.

Chainsaw Man fans were very excited about the flawless quality of the animation presented in the trailer.However, the last information about the music works of Chainsaw Man also attracted the attention of fans.

It was revealed that the first Chainsaw Man course will contain 12 unique songs at the end, as well as several other interesting notes prepared by the creators.It was thought that 12 different songs could be one song for each episode – what fans are very excited!

Below are all newly announced songs ending Chainsaw Man, in chronological order based on the official website of Chainsaw Man:

“All Kinds of Kisses” ano “Fight Song” Eve “Deep Down” by Aimer “rendezvous” Kanaria “In the back room” Syudou “Violence” Queen Bee “Time Left” Zutomo Zutomo “First Death” TK “Tablet” TOBOE “TOBOE” CHAINSAW BLOOD “”Vaunda” Dogland “by People 1

In addition to all amazing endings for the series Chainsaw Man, the band also announced the release of several unique songs for the Anime series.For example, one noteworthy song that can be expected (mentioned as one of 12 songs on the official website) is “Hawatari Niku Ceni” by Maximum The Hormone., Which means “blades with a length of 2 hundred million centimeters” ..

Artists ending the song Chainsaw Man (background and comments)

The above artists are incredibly talented, and many of them also worked on quite known anime titles – still, all these artists have amazing achievements.Below is an outline of the origin of artists ending the song Chainsaw Man, as well as a fragment of what every artist had to say about their ending song Chainsaw Man, published on the official

Chainsaw Man website



He is infamous because of creating the motive of the end of the second season of Tiger & Bunny.

“I am very honored that I can sing the ED song for Chainsaw Man, which many people love.”


He is best known of “Kaikai Kitan”, which was used as a debut motif opening the anime series Jujutsu Kaisen.

“I am very honored that I can be involved with music this time … I think it’s unique.”


He sang the leading song for the episode “Demon Slayer’s Entertainment District”.

“I created Deep Down as one of the endings for the Anime Man with a chain saw.This is the song I created, developing the inspiration that I received from work, focusing on the sections behind which I was responsible, and arranging my own thoughts. ”


released the hit single “King”.

“Chainsaw Man was a work that had a great influence on me and I was very surprised when I received an offer on ED.”


He sang the theme of Tsukiimichi-Moonlit Fantasy “Gamble”.

“I thought about what music I would do if I was Denjim.I thought he would shout his emotions.As a result, I think that such a song was completed.It’s a song that means a lot to me. ”

Queen Bee

She worked on Tokyo Ghoul and Doro, performing both the final and opening thematic works.

“We are delighted that we can provide the deadly song Queen Bee Violence to the anime Chainsaw Man … I would be grateful if you could feel an unparalleled feeling at work, jumping tension, this vivid intensity, and the absurdity of life and death in 4 minutes of the song (89 seconds in the end versionAnime) and let your heart go crazy. ”

Constitutional Tribunal

With Ling Tosite Sigure he became quite well known for performing the debut song opening the series Anime Tokyo Ghoul, entitled “Unravel”.

“I managed to create perfect organs for eternity thanks to the blood that is filtered from the history of” first death “and drawings.I will raise a chain saw that lives in me and devote all my deadly power of this work. ”


He wrote and performed a second song opening the ranking of Kings.

“When creating a song, I read the original again, biting and swallowing the taste of Chainsaw Man, which I got thanks to this, and I think I was able to spit music I thought that it would fit this work.”

Maximum The Hormone

Initially, he gained publicity as the second song opening Death Note.

“It has always been my dream that the song would be used in the anime Chainsaw Man … If there is a continuation, I want you to use hormone songs.”


He gained quite a lot of attention thanks to the music created for Chainsaw Man.

“The looser feeling of Denji-Kuna stuck in my heart, and the scene of the Sayonara Eri explosion made my eyes shine with joy.I never thought that three years later he would be involved in work as a ending song.I am very honored. ”

People 1

It seems to debut in the anime industry thanks to the work performed on Chainsaw Man.

“I remember that I jumped to read the first episode and I was very excited.At that time I didn’t do People 1, so I never thought I would be responsible for the ED song. ”

A new selection of ending songs will certainly add a completely new level of diversity of the Anime Chainsaw Man series, distinguishing from others in the industry.Many fans praise a new approach, because the creators clearly go back to the stylish traditional tradition of the “ending theme” anime.

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