Hidive broadcasts Doro anime with subtitles, English dub in January

The dub cast includes:

Kyle Colby Jones was directed by English Dub.Jones also wrote a script with Marta Bechtol.Sound engineers were David Lascoe and Jonathan Rodriquez.Ricardo Contreras was responsible for Mix and Sound Design.

Amazon Prime Video for the first time broadcast the anime version with English inscriptions.

Sentai Filmworks grants an anime license in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Latin America, Spain, Portugal, the Netherlands and Scandinavian and Scandinavian countries.

The company describes this story:

During the fighting kingdoms, a young thief Dororo meets a mysterious “Hyakkimaru”, a strange, blind boy who instead of his missing limbs.Parts of the body, skin and organs were sold to a group of 12 demons by Father Hyakkimaru in exchange for power and prosperity, but thanks to the kind shaman, Hyakkimaru, he survived his terrifying passion.Now he travels the land in search of lost body parts and together with Doro will fight for survival in a dangerous and merciless world harassed by demons.

Kazuhiro Furuhashi (Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Rurouni Kenshin, Getbackers) directed the series, and Yasuko Kobayashi (attack on Titan, strange adventure of Jojo, Garo animation) supervised the scripts of the series.Mappa (Yuri !!! On Ice, in This Corner of the World) and Tezuka Productions animated the Twin Engine project.Satoshi Iwataki (Ghost Hunt) adapted the original designs of the Hiroyuki Assada manga (tegami bachi: letter bee, cheer boys !!, the girl in twilight).The music was composed by Yoshihiro Ike (Tiger & Bunny, The Great Passage, The Empire of Corpses).

The four-person rock band Ziyou-Vachi performed the first theme song “Kaen” (Flame), which they wrote specifically to the anime.Amazarashi performed the first song ending “Sayonara Gokko” (Make-Believe Goodbye), which they also wrote for the concert.Asian Kung-Fu Generation performed the second opening song “Doro”, and Eve performed the second song “Anya” (Dark Night).

The supernatural historical manga has previously inspired 26-(white and white anime


in 1969 by Tezuka Productions.

History is based on the original Manga Tiesuki Dororo from 1967.Vertical released the manga in the collection in 2012.The adaptation of the acting film from Kou Shibasakim and Satoshi Tsumabuki premiered in Japan in 2007.

The Japanese Media DO distributor, Tezuka Production and the South Korean comic company COPIN Company Communications produces Japanese-South Korean, scrolled in vertical internet comic book, which is a version of the original manga.Manga will be broadcast simultaneously in Japan and South Korea in December, with plans for global release after the end of serialization in South Korea.

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