His and its circumstances – 16/17 [eternal intercession/His Return] – return Thursday

Welcome to all of his and its circumstances in the next week!This post was written at an deadline and I do not expect it to change in connection with the broadcasting of MOB Psycho on Wednesday.I will not apologize for my priorities to the hell.However, apart from my inevitable late for the next few weeks, it was quite an interesting week for the circumstances, so we will delve into it.

Visually, the circumstances and downs had this week.When it comes to animation, only one scene really stood out, once again Tsubasa.But damn if this scene looked good.Not only because it was well animated, but because of the details and expressions it contained.The narrowing of the eyes, her shattered face, like Tsubasa’s mouth, ripped off.It’s just beautiful.So if it looks so good, where are the falls?Well, that’s just that.Other episodes did not move at all.They are more like slide shows than animations.Yes, creativity in these slide shows is great.The circumstances have one of the best visual metaphors and facial expressions that I have seen for a long time, just look at the rotating faces reacting to Flipchart Tsubaki to get a perfect example of minimalist animation.Despite this, however, it becomes noticeable how little the circumstances change.

Going to the episodes, first is episode 16, “eternal dispersion”.I will just go out and say it, he was like a filler episode.This does not mean that it was bad, we will come to, but it really had nothing to do with the main story.Instead, it was about Miyazawa’s parents and their relationship.Now I see the argument how this can be associated with a larger topic about love, family or in a different way, and taking care of yourself.How to build and become something really special can take some time.But if that was the goal, I think it was a strange place to put it.This does not combine very well with the previous arch of the circumstances with Tsubasa and has parental problems.Both concern the family, but in my opinion they approach the topic in two very different ways.

This does not mean that the episode is bad!I actually liked their affair, as limited as his presentation.And I especially liked the interactions between my father and grandfather, as parents can look at the relationship, but they still support him for the love of their children.When the speed went over a decade of their lives, leading us to the place where Miyazawa is now, it was cute.What’s funny, it wasn’t their relationship that really convinced me.Instead, this relationship between the father and his own grandfather stole the series.I don’t know if it was intended or not, taking into account the circumstances that previously focused on the family, but it was the best part.I saw his death coming from a distance of nice, but he still hits hard.As for the filler episodes, it certainly wasn’t the worst.

This leads us to episode 17, “His Return”.And yes, I know it was fast, but it was a fairly simple episode, so live with it.This episode applies, you guessed, the return of Arima and their great meeting.There is something to like here!From subtle but noticeable changes in the design of Arima, to Miyazawa, which finally says 3 important words.But there is also one moment at the end, which turned out to be really repulsive and it was Arima’s reaction to the lack of communication of Miyazawa.In fact, I understand it.He did not intend to allow something small to be the end of their relationship, forced and talked about it.But the way Circumpstances presented this scene was simply … I will leave and say that it was rape.

Why should I think so?Isn’t that a cable standard?Well, yes, but it wasn’t the cable that made it strange.It was all around.The way he had previously threw her into the wall, his statement that he did not allow her to leave, even if he hates him, he does not care about how he feels, etc. It is supposed to be a sign of his devotion to her.But instead, it turns out to be incredibly possessive and firm.If there was no conversation here, he forced her to answer.And although this solved the problem, it shows some disturbing pages of Arima’s personality.I hope that this is a one -time mistake from the circumstances, i.e. the pursuit of breaking in the final.Whatever, unless he pulls out this shit again, and then it will be presented as “appropriate” for this.

As for the Miyazawa website, I quite liked it!The circumstances did a great job, showing us her feeling of anxiety when he returned.The days were lengthened and her nervousness grew as the days were counted.Her realization of her growing love for him and her inability to vocalization, which is in line with her characteristics in the whole series.What’s more, the Maho Council about the feelings she cares about more, she was in place!Even the last piece with the arima, though terrifying on his part, was fantastic for her.She recognized his fear of rejection and how much she hurt her silence.She knew that what she was doing was bad, she went out and said the same thing when he settled her.Were it not for the fact that ARIMA was as it was, it would be fantastic.Instead, I will have to settle for good, with a terrifying side.

So yes, I think it was a good week for circumstances.Certainly it is not the best, maybe even the worst.But if the worst week is still so good, then there is really nothing to worry about.Having said that, we began to see more and more legendary thaws that people told me about.The production is getting weaker and a strong direction can only make up for so much.There are only so many ways to make the stationary cage interesting.Besides, from what I understand, this is not a full adaptation.So there is a good chance that we will end up with some terribly unsatisfactory cliff.It will or will be original anime.Now, since I didn’t read the manga, I really have no idea what will happen.Each of them can be good.As long as the circumstances do them well.