House of the Dragon: Discover new paintings of the last episode [spoilers] Follow us

The first season of House of the Dragon ends on Monday, October 24, 2022.An opportunity to discover some visualizations of this last episode, long awaited by fans.Warning, spoilers …

Dragon’s house is over!Well, almost.Finally his first season.

After 9 episodes and the last tenth, which will be released on Monday, October 24, 2022 in France, the first season of the spin-off game of thrones will end.

In apotheosis?That’s all we ask for.

On this occasion


The American television channel, which broadcasts House of the Dragon in the United States, has shared several shots of the last episode of Season 1 as a trailer.

We can at least say that the images completely out of context avoid a too much spoiler.

This does not apply to our short summary of the last season below.Attention,


Dragon House: We calmly summarize

Small summary of the first season of Hod (warning,


): The Targaryen family and their connected are constantly fighting for

Iron throne

.Viserys, a very sick Lord, needed nine episodes to scream.Meanwhile, his beloved daughter,


, will consume the caraval relationship with his uncle,


, Viserys’s younger brother, who was fed up with an iron throne.Does Daemon really love Rhaenyra?

Where is the Machiavellian movement to inherit the throne?

Only the future will tell us.On the part




The governor of the king, a young woman quickly married Viserys, which caused confusion with her former friend … Rhaenyra, daughter.

It can even be argued that the delusions of incest between Rhaenyra and her uncle Daemon can come from some problems with daddy and marriage of Viserys, her father and Alicent, her best friend

.Then water flowed under the bridges.

The whole dynasty fought, torn off, reconciled …

Before his death, Viserys called Rhaenyra a direct heir to the Iron Throne, but after his death, Alicent, the widow of him, decided to push their son,

Strong> Aegon

, on the throne.Only one episode remained until the end of the season.Wait and see so.

House of the Dragon: spin-off prequel to Got very successful

House of the Dragon spin-off prequel for game of thrones focused on the dynasty



Daenerys Targaryen

In the parent series, this is a great success.In just one season, the series became both a natural extension of its predecessor and a very good spin-off, which quickly found its own identity.Mainly thanks to the impeccable cast, especially the main characters,









> Otto

.Some were very concerned about the change of main actresses in the middle of the season and jumping in time with each new episode …

But we must admit that the spread of House of the Dragon for several years gave the series a significant dramatic amplitude

.And he was able to allow fans to be very attached to the character, despite the changes on their faces.

On Monday, October 24, 2022, in three short days, when his lines are published, we will have the right to end the first season.

The final, which suggests some reversal of the situation and maybe even a few deaths.

Because finally let’s not forget that we are in the merciless and brutal universe of Game of Thrones.