House of the Dragon: Last episode leakage, disappointing the final?

The 10th episode of House of the Dragon leaked.The episode is already available a few days before the official premiere, and fans’ opinions are mixed.

Thunderbolt this Friday evening.”House of the Dragon” was on Twitter.The tenth and last episode of season 1 was massively disclosed two days before official broadcasting on television.The summary is already available on torrents and download pages.

The 10th episode of House of the Dragon leaked

The grand finale of House of the Dragon has already taken place.It has been circulating on the web since October 21.On Twitter, the message quickly spread in the evening: the 10th episode of the season went to the download and torrent pages, and its official broadcast is scheduled for night from Sunday to Monday.We confirm that this is not a banal fake that would compile old scenes to cheat fans, but from the end of the first season of the series.I warn you, important scenes were broadcast on social networks, and those who watched it speak about it quite openly.

The episode entitled Black Queen (Black Queen) is far from unanimity in the light of the opinion.Several fans actually criticize the chosen direction, which freely leaves the book, in particular in relation to some key characters and their motivations.”It doesn’t look like the finale of the season.This should be episode 11E to finalize everything “,” we are coming back to the catastrophe from the 8 GOT season!They changed all the personalities of the heroes “Can we read, for example, on social networks.

On the other hand, it seems that other Internet users particularly appreciated the 10th episode of House of the Dragon.”To be honest, from the perspective of those who did not read the book, this episode is 10/10.On the other hand, for others, the series makes a 180 degree turn compared to the book that another person contrasts.Again, the best way to make an opinion is to watch it yourself.We remind you that the 10th episode of House of the Dragon will be officially available on OCS on Monday, October 24 from 3:00.