House of the Dragon: The leading actress admits that she has never seen the Game of Thrones

Amazing, but true, one of the women’s main heroines of the House of the Dragon, spin-off game of thrones, confessed I never watched the parent series.Warning, spoilers …

But who was a bad student?

Who has never seen the Game of Thrones against the spin-off of this, House of the Dragon?Unbelievable but true:

Emma d’Arcy

which plays an older version

Rhaenyra Targaryen

In the second half of the story, she confessed that she never watched the iconic program and her mother’s series.Attention,


In an interview with the magazine


Before taking over by

Tygodnik entertainment

The British actress confesses: “I have not seen [Got, NDLR] before interrogation,” describes Emma d’Arcy in a full interview.”I honestly think that this is the only reason that allowed me to do this work properly.I would not have a chance to pass these interrogations if I had love for the series I have at that time.I think I would bend under pressure.

So the actress was not such a bad student, uff!

Emma d’Arcy read the book

We understand the huge pressure that Emma d’Arcy could feel at the thought of interpreting an important role, in addition Targaryen, in a series derived from the world -famous series.

Emma d’Arcy summarizes the interview: “I read a book that refers to our work, fire and blood (fire and blood published in France in 2019).Not only because reading in advance and learning about the twists of your own history is very exciting.I highly recommend! “Book or how to work?Otherwise, we will think about it at the next casting of future House of the Dragon seasons.Thanks for the tips, Emmo.

Powerful Rhaenyra Targaryen

Many fans were very reluctant to change the main actresses in the middle of the House of the Dragon season.

And especially in connection with the departure of the beloved

Milly Alcock

who played young Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Nevertheless, after a few episodes we must admit that Emma d’Arcy became a worthy successor to Milly Alcock.

Natural extension, an older and more mature version (although two actresses are only ten years old) characters.

Emma d’Arcy gives the necessary thickness and excellent fatalism Rhaenyar, which has been in a poor position for several years

.Before you become a direct heir

Iron throne

.Long live

Emma d’Arcy