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The first season of House of the Dragon is coming to the end soon.But what can we expect after season 2?Some threads are already explained by Sara Hess, a producer and screenwriter.


Dragon House

eagerly expected by fans, it is a real success


.Spin-off derived from the world

Games of Thrones

, bends over

Targaryen family

, almost 200 years before events from the original series.Between love stories, incest and home wars …

Dragon House

It is full of twists and turns.Fans could see the evolution of the princess

Rhaenyra Targaryen

which is to cover the throne after his father

Viserysie i

.But also to carefully track the beginning of his love history with

Daemon Targaryen

, his uncle.If this relationship is very controversial due to its incestuous nature, it is also very valued.And good news for fans:

House of the Dragon

He’ll get the second season!

After the false death of Laenor Velaryon

Rhaenyra and that’s why Daemon

He married closed doors, in accordance with the ancient tradition of Dragon Targaryen riders.What to set fire to dust

The conquest of the throne and the war between Rhaenyra and Alicent Hightower

.Two characters then give birth to two children.If we do not know the result of this first season yet, it can be safely assumed that it will be subjected to a lot of tension.And it’s not Sara Hess, a producer and screenwriter

House of the Dragon

, he will say differently.In a recent interview with GR she was irritated to what the second season of the series could look like.And I promise it!According to her, the next season can even examine the relationship that connects

Rhaenyra with Daemon

.Not without reason, after marriage at the end of the 7th episode, their affair was not properly examined.

Wedding Rhaenyry and Daemon: a key element of the continuation of House of the Dragon

“We are currently writing season 2 and

Understand the nature of his relationship with Rhaenyra

.There are many interpretations in the book by George RR Martin Fire & Blood, “explained Sara Hess.What if season 2

House of the Dragon

he could focus on marriage

Daemon and Rhaenyry

This is because it is an original event for the rest of the story.This incestuous, but the bold relationship corrects the illegitimate pedigree

Jacaers, Lucery and Joffrey

, all three conceived except for marriage.So there is no Targaryen.Especially since


He was able to prove several times that he was a competent warrior and warrior.So having it in the camp


can only increase his chances of getting

Iron throne

.But their relationship can be put to the test … To find out, you’ll still have to wait!