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Members of the Targaryen family are numerous.Why are there so many characters named Aegon between Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon?Explains.


Targaryens, Stark or Lannisters

It is easy to get lost in the universe

Game of Thrones

.And the prequel series does not really help us see it more clearly.While

House of the Dragon

He recalls the civil war in Targaryen, about 200 years before the events of Got, the brushes are tangled.

Rhaenyra, Rhaena, Rhaenys, Daemon, Viserys, Aegon, Aemond

… we don’t know where to turn.Remember, the crazy king of Targaryen in

Game of Thrones

He was also called Aegon.Just like brother and son

Princess Rhaenyra

.Fans then ask many questions.In particular, why are there so many characters named Aegon and why was this name so popular?Creator,

George RR Martin

, gave some explanation.


Aegon from Alicent and Aegon of Rhaenyra

, two of the eight young princes of Targaryen bears the same name.Which is quite important.But

George RR Martin

He explained why both women chose the same name for their son.

Fire and blood

work that inspired

Dragon House

, also gives some details on this subject.Alikent simply chose this name logically.Namely, to give his firstborn the name of the king he founded

Targaryen dynasty

.In addition, in Westeros, this family had no overload of the royal aegon during the Dragon House.And if the eldest son

Rhaenyra and Demon

He is also called Aegon, for a very specific reason: his misunderstandings with


the wife of the king and his father

Strong> Viserys and Targaryen


Why do Rhaenyra and Daemon call their son Aegon at the Dragon House?

A question arises among many fans: why

Rhaenyra and Daemon

They chose the same name for their son as a child

Alicent and Viserys

?According to the book

Fire and blood

George RR Martin

It is simply

Pure act of pettiness

Princess and heir to the throne.The book says: “However, in Port-RĂ©al

Queen Alicent lost control of herself when she learned that the child was given the name Aegon

, treating this as an affront towards his own son Aegon … “.So Rhaenyra would call her son Aegon, not because of the limited choice of names, but for

insulting the mother -in -law


House of the Dragon

He softened this aspect of history and relationships between two women.And with so many named characters

Ageon in the Targaryen family

It’s easy to get lost.But let’s hope that in time we will understand better …