Housing complex C Episode 2: Missed buttons increased tension, but gave us more questions![Review]

As if having monsters and unbearable heat was not enough.Now we have to worry that people will turn into moss?Photo: Akatsuki

In the new episode of the housing complex C we did not see any monsters on the screen, but the mismatched buttons were not carefree.Because I have already reviewed episode 1, optical illusions, this time I will focus on section 2 of the housing complex.

You can read my review HERE!And if you didn’t see the C estate, there will be spoilers.

We also know that episode 4 is called the end of the line, but will anyone survive to see it?

How do you dare to desecrate syrup!Photo: Akatsuki

Anime can try too much

The housing complex C Episode 2: Mismatched Buttons begins shortly after the first episode.Hideo and Momo disappeared, and in the Hideo room large amounts of moss grew.

But the police did not suspect the unclean game because of the lack of signs of fighting and said that the moss had grown inside because the apartment was dirty.Now the moss can grow inside, but it must be in a moist and well -lit place.

We saw Hideo’s room only a few times, but he was not well illuminated, and the moss in the middle of his peace resembled the human body.As for Momo, we didn’t see anything unusual before the end of the first episode, but the rest of the apartment had the opposite problem.

A lot of light, but due to summer heat it was not seemed to be some moist places.The voltages between interns and the disadvantage increased to such an extent that the comments of the defect are entering the racist territory.

Nothing says anything that could prevent watching the rest of the series, but she could approach how the interns left their clothes in a public laundry.Kimi decides that they should start a party with shaved ice, so he asks Mother Yuri to make a block of ice.

Keiko agrees, but says there is no ice syrup.After a short discussion, interns are asked to prepare a syrup that will gather all residents.

But strange events still happen.Someone still leaves piles of dead animals and fish in front of Kimi’s apartment.

Kan claims that he buried them in the forest so that Kimi would not see them, and Yoshkin decides to build his night patrols.There were rumors that the interns are somehow responsible for disappearing Momo and Hideo.

And we hear some terrifying songs that suggest that people will turn into moss to connect with their loved ones again.But the girls do not focus on this because ice and syrup are ready to party.

Kan allows kimi to taste the syrup, and she says she is better than everything you can buy at the market.She and Yuri carry the syrup down and Kan stays to change.

The party begins and everyone at the beginning seems to have fun.But Rubel asks if he thinks the syrup tastes strange, and asks him to try it again.

He agrees and quickly goes to the pot and asks Kimi to give him a ladle so that he can check something.He gives him, and he raises his dog’s cut off, making Kimi screaming.

However, one of the other residents is aware that Yoshkina was not at the party.So he rushes to the apartment where Yoshkin and his wife live, but after burglary he finds only a few small piles of moss.

Where are other people in Kurosaki?

Kimi shares another unilateral discussion with someone or something he calls mummy, but we don’t see or hear her.We do not see the police or anyone except the complex.

Ordinary locations, such as the market, are mentioned, and it seems that some residents are trying to make friends with their new neighbors, giving them window sill.Except that food products have expired.

Great emphasis is placed on Kimi, which is necessary because her name means the king and the victims are made outside her apartment.But we already knew that it was necessary because of the flashback in episode 1.

Kimi was also the first to taste the syrup, and before the party we did not see anyone else near it.I want to know what role Yuri plays.

The animation ending the song suggests that it may not be who it seems to.I love many terrifying images, such as the upper photo.

Why does Yuri have open eyes?And will Kimi finally be a victim or a monster?Let me know what you think about the C estate below!