Housing complex C, Episode 4: The end of the line is fantastic and I want more of this Cthulhu myth![Review]

As if having monsters and unbearable heat was not enough.Now we have to worry that people will turn into moss?Photo source: Akatsuki

I’ll start with: I called!Incorrect management in episode 1, terrifying Yuri images during the opening song, and Kimi is more than it seems.

I give myself 2.5 because the anime exaggerated, suggesting the meaning of Kimi.But I did not see Mother Yuri as an active participant in this madness.

I also did not notice that the sacrificial dagger is visible in episode 2!The status of the ruble is unclear, but I think he is calling KAN at the end of the episode.

Although some details are not fully explained, I don’t think so.The housing complex C did not go through the traditional Call of Cthulhu route and I love it!

Three episodes do not work, and the rubel is the only intelligent.Is Kimi somehow guilty of what is happening?Photo: Akatsuki

This is the end of the line, but is this farewell?

During my reviews of the first three episodes of the housing complex C I divided the scenes as best I could.But this time I won’t do it.

Because the only things to note was the transmission of Koby, a notebook, her last words to Kan and the transfer of him, which she found in episode 1, and she calls him “her expensive channel”.This is the only time he calls someone “loved and her.”

We also have a revelation that the whole Koshide family is descendants of people-rings and kills everyone to turn them into human victims.Unfortunately, Koba dies when he decides to save Kimi, but Kan will survive!

There is a theory why Kan is expensive to Kimi and what this can mean for a potential continuation or future Anime Cthulhu Mythos!But I will come in a moment.

Is it bad that the death of Yuri at the hands of Kimi was satisfying for me?I understand that Yuri was brought up so, and she, like her father, did not show any remorse for killing these people.

But she made a huge mistake, revealing her true intentions Kimi before she could hit!If Yuri waited until they were in a hidden room, she could devote her time to calm down Kimi and scratch her to increase her chances.

It could also result in the fact that Kimi saves her since she quickly changed the situation and revealed that she could kill everyone at any time!I loved watching Kimi in the final part of the episode.

He pours his mother, still looking like an embryo, on the head of Yuri, and then step on her to turn her mother into a moss.But who or what is kimi?

Time for theory!

The funny thing in the myths of Cthulhu is that no complicated rules are involved.Nothing is prohibited;You can create your version and will continue to come true.

We know that the family of God Yuri and the fish that people tried to resurrect is Cthulhu.But Kimi refers to him in several ways.

All this can mean children: a descendant, offspring and offspring, but why did Kimi not say about her child then?Because these terms may also mean generations of direct descendants.

I could not find a being that fits perfectly with everything that Kimi says, her motif and motivation.Kimi is wearing a dress with a cat motif, and the bass, modeled on the Egyptian goddess of cats, is a member of older gods.

But the older gods are enemies of the Great Eternal, i.e. the great those with which Cthulhu is.So no number of victims or victims is enough for the bass to revive/awaken Cthulhu.

Some beings can ensure immortality and one candidate for growing moss.But I believe that Kimi’s real identity is Asathoth.

The ruler of the external gods, nuclear chaos, Daemon Sultan, Blind Idiot God and the great -great -grandfather of Cthulhu, various authors created his versions.Despite this, the consensus is this: he created everything and must always sleep.

Because if he ever wakes up, everything will be destroyed!Thomas Ligotti wrote several books in which he referred to Azathoth under a different name.

At Nethescurial, he presents the sinister deity of the Creator, worshiped on a small island.The being begins to infiltrate the narrator’s life through the manuscript of worship on the island.

And now why Kan is “dear” Kimi, this theory also plays with a classic from the myths of Cthulhu.Hybrid of beings from the depths.

Beings from the depths are the race of immortal beings with a long history of crossing people.They serve Father Dagon and Mother Hydra and often praise Cthulhu.

Final thoughts

Being a hybrid does not make Kan a bad man.On the contrary, genes can skip generations, and the appearance of KAN, walking and interaction with people can indicate this.

Care Kana towards Kimi can also be his instinct, which wants to serve her, so she will wake up Cthulhu.Beings from the depths have underwater cities around the world.

But we will have to wait and see if something will change.The C estate met all my expectations.

The beginning was good, we got key information at a decent pace, and the ending satisfying.I watch the Halloween marathon on October 29, 2022.

I will eat throughout the season and say goodbye to Kimi.We need more horrors/content like this.

Too much franchise is based on gore, sexual violence and ordinary shock.Sometimes these matters are well dealt with.

But the housing complex C reminds us of a different way.What do you do when you fight God?

A being who can do what he wants and you can’t check if it will kill you.Will you be like Koba and want to protect Kimi?

Or maybe you will be like Yuri?Who would be able to survive if she was a bit smarter?