How does Zeus still live in one piece?(and what has he turned into?)

Zeus the Thundercloud is a controlled homie and used by Big Mom until a great return on the thread of Wano Country.The big mother herself is an intriguing figure, but her homies – as an emanation of her power and ability – are also quite intriguing.That is why we decided to tell one of them today!We chose Zeus because he has the greatest depth of all my homies and a really interesting story that will tell you a lot about Big Mom, but also about us from the Luffy team.We know that the great mother drained the soul of Zeus from him, so we will tell him how she still lives in One Piece and what he changed into.

When Zeus returned to the great mother, he was informed that Hera was his successor, to whom the first drained Zeus’ soul from his body and wanted to feed her Hera.She tried to give us some power to Zeus

, but it failed.Despite this, because Zeus’s soul was outside his body, she managed to connect with Clima-Tact us instead of being eaten by Hera, thanks to which Zeus became part of the weapon and survived us.

The rest of this article will focus on the surprising survival of Zeus in Manga One Piece and in the latest episodes of the Anime series.We will give you all the details that you need to know about this set of events and everything you need to understand what really happened to Zeus and his resurrection in the series.

How does Zeus still live in One Piece and what happened to it?

The events that we intend to describe are quite simple and do not need to be introduced.This happened during the Country Arc, because we intend to present the general outline of history so that you know what happened to Zeus and what it finally changed.

Inside his palace, Kurozumi Orochi chases Robin, so Zeus’s lightning throws us.Two weeks later, on the night of the Fire Festival, they are on board Thousand Sunny, when the crew arrives at the rescue of their allies and is a witness to defeating enemy pirates thanks to Jinbe’s intervention.When we, Marchewa and Shinobu are discovered by Promethuees, who called Big Mom, Zeus is terrified and escapes with women.

However, Zeus, Nami and Marchewa are captured and taken to the room where Kaido speaks.When he sees us how Big Mom attacks Luffy, he leaves her, taking Zeus with her, who tells her that she has no escape.The girl asks him on which side he is, so Ziomek replies that nothing can do against the empress who manages to recover him.

The latter is preparing to use the electric charge of Zeus, which apologizes to us, but at this point Big Mom is hit in the face by F.R.-U 4 Black Rhino led by Franky, and Zeus is cut off in two by Brook.Later, Big Mom uses Zeus to escape from Marco and return to the palace.Later, after the skirmish between Linlin and Marco, he brings Zeus back to the main battlefield with Prometheus, despite the fact that he is wounded and cannot fight.

When Big Mom reaches Kaido at the top of the island, Zeus loads, eating some clouds, and then listens to conversations between two emperors.Then he witnesses the arrival of Luffy, Zoro, Lava, Kidd and Killer.Zeus acts as a means of transport for BIG MOM, while she and Kaido collide with supernova.

The battle is ongoing, and Big Mom resorts to a few poruns to hit opponents, although Luffy remains intact because it is made of rubber, thanks to the effects of his devilish fruit.When the effects of Gear Furth end, Zeus approaches the latter to let Big Mother attack him with Napoleon: the leader of straw hats is saved by Zoro.

After a joint attack of two emperors, LAW uses its powers to close Zeus in a metal box created by Kidd.Ziomek falls into desperation, and when a big mother asks for help, he worries that she does not know what is happening and tries to get rid of her.Then the metal box dismantles Zeus releases, so it runs to the rescue to its owner.

The law teleports him to the second floor of the castle, where Sanji asks him why he is not with us, but the cloud escapes to find a big mother, ultimately locating her and in a hurry to catch her.When she reaches her, she notices that he is with the new homie in the cloud and cries, thinking he has been replaced;Then he sees us and calls her, but she ignores him angrily.

The great mother notices the presence of Zeus, who says that now that there are four of them, no one will stop them, but the empress tells him that he no longer needs him, and Prometheus Beszta.The woman then orders Herie to eat him so that she becomes stronger than him, ignoring Zeus’ requests, so as not to kill him, agreeing to completely disappear from her and not be seen again.

The great mother replies, however, that she can’t let him go where he likes him because he takes part of his soul.Then Zeus with tears in his eyes apologizes for being cheating on her, announcing a coward for not opposed the orders of his creator and was ready to sacrifice himself for the navigator, to whom he asks to look at his latest gesture.

Freeled at Hera’s embrace, then he attacks a great mother, who, however, grabs him, bringing him out and feeding her new homie.He throws us black balls at him so that he regained energy and escape, but Zeus claims that he can not feed them, taking into account his condition, after which he is devoured by Hera.

But he manages to survive, and his soul connects to Clima-Tact Nami.When he hears Momonosuke says Luffy is alive, he says he feels relief and the navigator is shocked, seeing her how the weapon says.Zeus explains that he managed to save, because just before the devouring his soul moved to Clima-Tact, which can now stretch and change shape as he likes, being a big addition to the arsenal of us.

He replies to us that he does not intend to have a stressful, speaking weapon, and he remembers that the navigator has not forgiven him yet, but he reveals that without the power of a large mother he cannot leave the Clima-Takt.The group arrives at the main hall, where Bao Huang talks about the fate of Momonosuke, but is interrupted as soon as the donor warns them about the presence of enemies.

Suddenly Ulti arrives, attacks and hits ussopa and catches the dam.Then we wonder how Ulti still lives and attacks her with his weapon: Zeus turns into a spiky club, which hits Ulti’s head and tells us that he can use his weapon as always and that from now he intends to help her.Zeus then states that the internal organs of the enemy are damaged as a result of a lightning strike by Big Mom, thus suggesting that they do the same.

As soon as the navigator opposes that in this way she would also hit a dam, Usopp uses Sargassa to pull the girl away from Ulti.Then we take advantage of us to call Zeus in the form of a storm cloud, to paralyze the opponent’s electricity, who asks her to give him a new name.Ziomek does not like chosen for him, deciding to stop the previous one and continues the attack.

Ulti manages to avoid the attack, but he manages to reach and hit it, causing loss of consciousness.Bao Huang, forgetting that he still maintains connectivity with all the inhabitants of onigashima, screams in amazement, seeing another member of enemy troops.That is why USOPP uses the devil to capture the star and give there the opportunity to convey its message.

When the group escapes from the enemies chasing the dam, Zeus comes out in the form of a cloud from Clima-Tact, asking for a return to being a servant us: when she describes him as his companion, he is excited about happiness and preaches enemies in front of them.Before the Baths, Zeus is crying because of Big Mom’s failure, so he asks him to choose between her and the Empress.Her cloud confirms his loyalty in this way.

When us and Chopper accumulate in the main hall and worry about their companions, the reindeer asks Zeus whether to bring rain to extinguish the flames, but Ziomek replies that even he will burn in the fire of this size.When Onigashima finally lands, Nekomamushi announces that Luffy finally defeated Kaido and that Momonosuke softened the fall of the island.

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