How long would it take to watch the complete anime Pokemon?Update 2022

Many people are often surprised by a huge number of anime episodes, such as they furnace, which recently reaches a landmark of 1000 episodes, but there are others, such as Pokémon.The Pokémon series has existed since 1997 with many seasons and various generations, so we are starting to wonder how much time it will take to see the full anime Pokemon?

In 2022 there are 1214 episodes of anime Pokémon after 24 minutes each, which means that catching up in watching for 8 hours or longer would take 485.6 hours or at least 60 days.

Although it may seem to be a ride that you have to bear, the Pokémon series is a long, joyful journey.So much that it is worth looking at exactly how much content is and how much time it would take to look at each of them.

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How many films are there about Pokémon?

Although the films are not considered a canon, they are very liked by fans and create many interesting stories.At this point there are a total of 23 films about pokemon based on every generation.They usually focus around the legendary Pokémon and introduce a huge variety of characters.They are also responsible for many iconic moments in the series.

How long are movies about Pokémon?

Pokémon movies differ in length, from about 63 minutes to 100 minutes.To be more accurate, here is a list of all films from each generation from the earliest to the latest with their duration.

Film Pokémon


Czas trwania

Oryginalna seria

Pokémon: The First Movie 19981 godz. 25 min. Pokémon: The Movie 200019991 godz. 24 min. Pokémon 3: The Movie 20001 godz. 14 min.

Rubin i szafir

Pokémon: Jirachi – Kreator życzeń20031 godz. 21 minPokémon: Przeznaczenie Deoxys20041 godz. 38 minPokémon: Lucario i tajemnica Mew20051 godz. 43 minPokémon Ranger i Świątynia Morza20061 godz. 47 min

Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai20071 godz. 30 min Pokémon: Giratina i niebiański wojownik 20081 godz. 36 minPokémon: Arceus i klejnot życia20091 godz. 34 minPokémon: Zoroark – Mistrz Iluzji20101 godz. 36 min


strong>Film Pokémon: Czarny – Victini i Reshiram20111 godz. 36 m w Pokémon the Movie: White – Victini i Zekrom 20111 godz. 36 min Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem kontra miecz sprawiedliwości 20121 godz. 11 min Pokémon the Movie: Genesect and the Legend Awakened 20131 godz. 12 min


Pokémon the Movie: Diancie i Kokon zniszczenia 20141 godz. 26 min Pokémon film: Hoopa i starcie wieków20151 godz. 23 min Pokémon film: Wulkan i mechaniczny cud20161 godz. 37 min

Słońce i księżyc

Pokémon film: Wybieram Ciebie!20171 godz. 38 min Film Pokemon: Potęga nas 20181 godz. 40 min Film Pokemon: Mewtwo kontratakuje – ewolucja 20191 godz. 38 min

Podróże Pokemonów

Film Pokemon: Tajemnice dżungli20201 godz. 38 min

To sum up, watching every movie about Pokémon would take 2114 minutes, about 35 hours.However, it would probably take much less time when skipping add -ons, such as end subtitles.

How many miniseries are Pokémon?

From October 2022 there are 5 miniseries Pokémon .. These miniseries were created mainly as adaptations of the history of Pokemon games or as a tribute to new generations.

Pokémon Origins

Pokémon Origins is an adaptation of the history of Pokémon Red and Green, with slight changes and modernization, such as the presence of Mega Evolution.

It has four episodes with about 22 minutes, a total of 88 minutes of content.

Pokémon generations

Pokémon generations are animated versions of specific moments that took place in the first six generations of games.

It has eighteen episodes with about 3-5 minutes, a total of 54 – 90 minutes of content.

Pokémon: Twilight Wings

Pokémon: Twilight Wings is an animated miniserial based on Pokémon Sword and Shield, in which each episode focuses on a different character and various motives.

It has eight episodes from H for about 5 minutes, a total of 40 minutes of content.

Pokémon Evolutions

Pokémon Evolutions is a spiritual successor to Pokémon Generations, focusing on specific moments of each of the first eight generations of games.

It has eight episodes with about 6-10 minutes, a total of 48-80 minutes of content.

Pokémon: Hisuian Snow

Pokémon: Hisuian Snow is an animated miniserial based on Pokémon legends: Arceus.

It has three episodes with about 6-12 minutes, a total of 30 minutes of content.

How long would it take to watch the Pokémon series in 2022?

The Pokémon series has existed since 1996, along with the release of Pokemon Red and Green on Gameboy and his anime a year later.Fans consume Pokémon’s content since childhood and will realize how old they are when they see how far anime and games have come.

Thanks to new episodes published every week, Pokémon fans can start wondering how many episodes in October 2022.

How many episodes does the Pokémon series have?

By October 2022, 1214 episodes of the anime Pokémon are available, which is expected from its long -acting games and how well its products sell.Because the new generation of Pokémon games is released every few years and how well their products, anime and the series sell as a whole do not seem to have a planned ending and always come up with re -invents to reach new recipients and satisfy returning fans.

How long have Pokémon episodes last?

Each episode of the anime Pokémon lasts 24 minutes from beginning to end, which also includes admission, endings and announcements.However, each episode differs slightly in terms of total duration.

How many days would you take to watch the Pokémon anime?

Viewers could theoretically watch all episodes of the anime Pokémon in 20 days, if they come out and do not eat, sleep or do not take breaks, which would be extremely unhealthy and probably impossible.On the other hand, most viewers would take 60 or more days to make up for all episodes of the Pokémon anime, if they were to watch for 8 hours or longer each day.Of course, this also means that fans would not be able to play some of the best Pokémon games of all time.

How many hours would it take to watch Pokémon anime?

Because each episode of the anime Pokémon lasts about 24 minutes from beginning to end, watching all available episodes of 1214 Pokémon will take about 29 136 minutes.It would mean about 485.6 hours, or about 60 days.

How long does the Pokémon anime without fillers last?

Because the Pokémon series has no material on which you could base your own stories and characters, apart from the game, they do not have what we would call filling episodes (episodes that are not based on any canonical material).

But there are episodes that do not develop the main thread or character arches in any way, so they can be omitted.Most fans would prefer to watch the whole series, including these episodes, because they can be just as fun as canonical ones.But you can do without them if you don’t mind missing such content, and omitting these episodes would reduce the total estimated time to about 23,544 minutes or 392.4 hours.

How many episodes are fillers does the Pokémon series have?

At the time of writing this text, at least 223 episodes filling the Pokémon anime were recorded.These are episodes that are not important for the main journey of the characters.This is only about 21% of the total number of episodes, so many fans can skip them.

How to watch the anime from the Pokémon series faster

Spending hundreds of hours watching Pokémon may seem to be a dream for long -time fans, but it can be a challenge if you try to catch up.Fortunately, there are several ways to watch the Pokémon series without skipping the most important events and details.

1. Pay the introduction/ending

Pokémon anime episodes usually last 24 minutes, but the start and end of each episode usually takes 2 to 3 minutes per episode.The task may be to omit the intro and outro section every time, but thanks to this you will save about 2428 – 3642 minutes or 40 – 60 hours to the end of the Pokémon Journesa 129 episode without skipping fillers.

2. Watch at a speed of 2x

Some may consider this option disturbing, but it is real.If you are watching the Pokémon series at a speed of 2x, you will reduce the time you need to see the whole by half and you will have to spend only 14 568 minutes or 242.8 hours watching the screen.However, this may interfere with the overall pleasure of each episode, because it was not to be viewed in this way, and things can happen too quickly to attract your attention.

Although everyone willingly begins to watch the current episode of the series, remember to enjoy every episode of the Pokémon series, because the joy lies in the ride, not in the destination.We all know that you will regret that there is no more to watch when you get to the latest episode.Nevertheless, don’t take your time and get as much as possible from this wonderful series.

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