How long would it take to watch the full anime Naruto and Boruto?Update 2022

The Naruto series has been popular among fans since its first broadcast on television and will be discussed forever by the community.She defined the whole generation of anime fans and will forever be a classic to which people will come back.As old fans and novices discuss, some may wonder how much time it would take to see everything that is to be seen from the Naruto series.

From 2022, there are 720 episodes of the Anime Naruto and 272 episodes of Anime Boruto for 24 minutes each, which means that it would take 396.8 hours or at least 49 days to catch up in watching for 8 hours or longer each day.

Although it may seem that this is a ride you have to bear, the Naruto series is a long, joyful journey.So much that it is worth looking at exactly how much content is and how much time it would take to look at each of them.

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How many movies are there about Naruto?

Although the films are not considered a canon (with two exceptions), they are very liked by fans and create many interesting stories.At the moment there are a total of 10 films about Naruto and one film Boruto and there are no more plans for more, despite the fact that the Naruto community would be really satisfied with more content.They are not as popular as the original anime, but it is still worth watching them

How long are movies about Naruto?

Movies about Naruto differ in length, but usually last about an hour and a half.To be more accurate, here is a list of all films from each series, from the earliest to the latest, with the right duration.

Film Naruto


Czas trwania


Naruto: Starcie ninja w Krainie Śniegu 20041 godz. 22 minNaruto: Legenda Kamienia Gelel20051 godz. 36 minNaruto: Strażnicy Królestwa Półksiężyca 20061 godz. 35 min

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden film 20071 godz. 34 minNaruto Shippuden film: Bonds20081 godz. 30 minNaruto Shippuden film: Wola ognia 20091 godz. 35 minNaruto Shippuden film: Zaginiona wieża20101 godz. 25 minNaruto Shippuden film: Krew 48 minWięzienie 20111 Ninja: Film Naruto 20121 godz. 49 min Ostatni: Film Naruto 20141 godz. 54 min


Boruto: Film Naruto 20151 godz. 35 min

In total, watching each movie about Naruto would take 1.063 minutes, about 18 hours.However, jumping through add -ons, such as subtitles, would probably take much less time.But it adds some additional quality content for fans who want more.

How much time would it take to watch the Naruto series in 2022?

Naruto’s faniza has since existed 1997 with the release of the manga in Shonen Jump Magazine and her anime five years later.Fans consume Naruto content since childhood and will realize how old they are when they see how far anime and manga have come.Naruto has even two children now!Probably some fans of the old school do it too.

Since the new episodes of Boruto are released every week since 2018, Naruto fans can ask how many episodes are in total until October 2022.

How many episodes do Naruto Franchise have?

There are 992 episodes of anime from the Naruto series, which will be available from October 2022, which can be expected from her long manga and how well its products sell.Even after the original manga and the anime Naruto, shortly after, the successor and Boruto, son of Naruto, anime and manga, began to be served.

How long are episodes of Naruto and Boruto?

Each episode of the anime Naruto and Boruto lasts 24 minutes from beginning to end, which also includes admission, endings and announcements.However, each episode differs slightly in terms of total duration.

How many days would it take to watch the Naruto series?

Viewers could theoretically watch the whole of Naruto and Boruto episodes of the anime in 17 days, if they come out and do not eat, sleep or do not take breaks, which would be extremely unhealthy and probably impossible.On the other hand, most viewers would take 49 or more days to make up for all episodes of the Naruto anime, if they were to watch for 8 hours or more every day.Of course, this also means that fans will not be able to watch any other anime as funny as Naruto.

How many hours would it take to see the Naruto series?

Since each episode of Anime Naruto and Boruto lasts about 24 minutes from beginning to end, watching all available episodes of 992 Naruto and Boruto will take about 23,808 minutes.It would mean about 396.8 hours, or about 17 days.

How long is the Naruto series without fillers?

Fillers are created episodes to extend the time of anime, usually because they catch up to the manga, so the studio creates new stories that were not originally in the manga.They are not necessary for the main story, so they can be omitted a bit.

Although they are not necessary in the main journey, they can be fun for watching and worth checking.But you can do without them if you don’t mind missing such content, skipping these episodes, you need to watch only 490 episodes, which would reduce the total estimated time to about 11.760 minutes or 196 hours or about 8 days.

How many filling episodes does the Naruto series have?

The original Naruto anime has 90 filling episodes, which is a percentage of 41%, while Naruto Shippuden has 203 filling episodes, also in 41%.However, the anime Boruto has an extremely high number of fillers, with 209 sections of fillers, which is 77%.This is over half of the anime, so many decide to skip these episodes.

How to watch Naruto franchise faster

Spending hundreds of hours watching Naruto may seem to sleep for die -hard fans, but it can be difficult if you try to catch up.Fortunately, there are several ways to watch the Naruto series without skipping the most important events and details.

1. Pay the introduction/ending

Naruto anime episodes usually last 24 minutes, but the beginning and end of each episode usually takes about 3 minutes per episode.The task may be to skip the intro and outro section every time, but thanks to this you will save about 2.976 minutes or 49.6 hours to the end of the Boruto 272 episode without skipping fillers.

2. Watch at a speed of 2x

Some may consider this option disturbing, but it is real.If you are watching Naruto franchise at a speed of 2x, you will reduce the time you need to see the whole by half, just spend 11.904 minutes or 198.4 hours to watch the screen.However, this may interfere with the overall pleasure of each episode, because it was not to be viewed in this way, and things can happen too quickly to attract your attention.

3. Skip fillers

The easiest and most popular choice.Not everyone wants to go through somewhat unnecessary episodes, so you finally skip the fillers.Because they occupy most anime, it is really understandable.The main story seems much more attractive than those filling, which can be fun, but sometimes they are everywhere.

4. Read the manga

You can also go to the manga whole or when anime seems to be free.Read the bow in the manga, then return to the anime and vice versa.However, this will not be possible in the case of Boruto, because manga and anime have different starting points on the timeline and can simply be misleading.

Although everyone willingly begins to watch the current episode of the series, remember to enjoy every episode of the Naruto series, because the joy lies in the ride, not in the destination.We all know that you will regret that there is no more to watch when you get to the latest episode.It may seem long, but Naruto’s journey to fulfill your dream of becoming hokage from the village of Leaf, is extremely funny and is responsible for many iconic moments in the anime and manga industry.Nevertheless, don’t take your time and get as much as possible from this wonderful series.

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