How many episodes of Chainsaw Man?Explanation of the anime release schedule

How many episodes will be released in the first season of the Anime Chainsaw Man and which production studio animals the series?

Today, October 11, this is a special day for the entire anime community, because the Czektany series Chainsaw Man finally debuts all over the world.

In fact, recently there have been only a few times when the anime series caused such a amount of noise and expectations before the premiere;Namely, Attack on Titan, Demon Slayer, Spy X Family and, ironically, Bleach: Th reallyand Year Blood War.

When millions of avid anime fans around the world count the seconds until Denji breaks into our screens, we show how many episodes will be released in the first season of Chainsaw Man and which studio produces a new series.

Chainsaw ManMain trailer



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How many episodes are there in Chainsaw Man S1?

Chainsaw man season 1 will be

They consist

out of 12 individual episodes, published once a week every Wednesday (Japan) and Tuesday (international).

With the exception of delays at the last minute or changes in national broadcast in Japan, season 1 Chainsaw Man will be


This schedule of editions, which premiere is to take place on December 27.

Episode 1 – Tuesday, October 11 Episode 2 – Tuesday, October 18 Episode 3 – Tuesday, 25 October episode 4 – Tuesday, 1 November episode 5 – Tuesday, November 8 episode 6 – Tuesday, 15 November episode 7 – Tuesday, November 22 episode8 – Tuesday, November 29, 9 – Tuesday, December 6, 10 – Tuesday, December 13, 11 – Tuesday, December 20, 12 – Tuesday, December 27

Interestingly, each of the episodes in season 1 will contain a different final song – see the full division HERE.

The pace at which I write new songs for the band is extremely free, but I would like to write songs for my favorite drawing works at high speed, like a dog in the heat shaking hips.My dream has always been that the song was used in a cartoon with a chain saw, just like Denji’s dream about rubbing his t ***.However, “Hi?Is it so?I’m not like that at all.More!And more! “It’s a real virginity.In other words, if there is a sequel, use hormone music.More fucked up! “- Maximum The Hormone, through

official website


Which production studio animals Chainsaw Man?

The adaptation of the anime Chainsaw Man is produced by the studio



The Tokyo production studio was founded only in 2011, but a team of about 310 people has already reached the status of an icon among anime fans.

“As part of Japanese entertainment, I believe that Chainsaw Man really hits the subculture, in particular the topics and motifs that are in history.There are other very popular titles, such as the Slayer demon: Kimetsu no Yaiba and Attack on Titan, but on the popularity scene you can see that Chainsaw Man is a bit different.Simply put, it is much more crazy.This kind of motif is something that many readers want now.Maybe these are the times when people are more interested in this kind of topic.I think that is why it matched the time when history came out and that’s why it is really popular now.- CEO of mappa Manabo Otsuk, through Crunchyroll.

Their previous works are:

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (2013) Terror in Resonance (2014) Yuri on Ice (2016) Kakegurui (2017) Banana Fish (2018) Zombie Land Saga (2018) Dororo (2019) Dorhedoro (2020) God of high school (2020) Jujutsu Kaisen(2020) Tytana attack: Last season (2021) Re-Main (2021) Yasuke (2021)) The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace (2021) Tact OP Destiny (2021) Dance Dance Danseur (2022)

The team will also produce the second season of Vinland Saga, which premieres are scheduled for 2023.

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Episode 1 Chainsaw Man is amazing !!!

Somehow the Mappa team managed to create something that resembled a movie more than typical anime.Love it!You can see that through the direction, animation and even fights they have this unique movement, which is clearly Chainsaw Man

– Chainsaw Man Unleashed (@denjiunLeashed)

October 7, 2022

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