How old is Ichigo in Bleach: Th really Year Blood War?

How old is Ichigo Kurosaki in the anime Bleach: Thousand Year Blood War and how old are the other main characters of the series?

Thousand Year Blood War has been coming for a long time for Bleach fans around the world and after two episodes you can safely say that the Anime series led by Pierrot meets our expectations.

The best result of the autumn Mal list in 2022 and just behind Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood in terms of the highest in history, gaining anime in history, the noise around Ichigo’s return was well and really justified.

Ichigo himself remains one of the most iconic anime heroes ever created, but many fans are now wondering how old he is in Bleach: anime thorand Year Blood War.

How old is Ichigo in Bleach: Tybw?

Before the last time, in the previous episode of Anime, Ichigo was at the age of 15 D with a two -year break between the events presented.

This means that from the first episode of Bleach: Thrish Year Blood War (which adapts chapters 480-484 manga), Ichigo Kurosaki is 17 years old.

Ichigo’s birthday falls on July 15, so although the exact date in Tibw has not yet been revealed, there is agreement that Ichigo is approaching his 18th birthday.

In the Bleach manga, our hero reaches the age of 27 in the epilogue;We will not discuss in detail the events of the epilogue for obvious reasons related to spoilers.

Before the jump, its height is 174 cm (5 feet 8 and a half inches), and after a time jump 181 cm (5 feet 11).and half inch) growth, as reported by the official website



How many years are the other figures of Bleach?

Bleach offers a wide range of characters between 12 and 1200 years old.

For division according to

Fantasy topics

, the age of Bleach is as follows, with an additional two years in the anime soear blood war:

Ichigo Kurosaki, 17 LATRUKIA Kuchiki, 150+ Latorihime Inoue, 17 Latrens Abarai, 150+ laturyū Ishida, 17 latasutor Sado, 18 years old, Starysōsuke Aizen, 300+ Latyhwach, 1200 -year -old Ginj ō, Nashukurō Tsukishima, NarrunchLatyukio Hans Vorarlberna, Kuchaya Kuchiki, 200+ Latkisuke Urahara, 400+ Latyorichi Shihōuin, 400+ years Hitsōi, 200+ years Tsukabishi ,, 150+ Latrangic Matsumoto, 220+ latkenpachi Zaraki, 2000+ Latyachiru Kusajishi, 100+ latururu tsumugya, 15 years oldHanakari, 12 years oldsì-fēng, 250+ latshunsui kyōaku, 2000 years 280+ years old Starakarin Kurosaki, 13 latuisu Kurosaki, 13 latrets Unohana, 2000+ years old

It should be noted that several characters are listed as due to the aging of fullbringer at their own pace compared to souls or people.

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