How old is the power in man with a chain saw?

Power is, next to Denji, one of the heroes of Manga and the Anime Chainsaw Man.A strange figure with many quirks, she proved that she is a real friend and ally of Denji.Although Manga Chainsaw Man is still going on, the Power history is still ongoing, despite a serious obstacle, but this will not stop us from discussing its history here.In this article we will show how old the power in the manga and the anime Chainsaw Man is from beginning to end.

Power is one of the characters of Chainsaw Man, whose age is officially unknown.Power looks like a girl around twenty or twenty years old (she looks like she was at the age of Denji), but there is a problem that we don’t really know her age.The problem is that power is actually a devil turned into a devil, and devils and bies do not age like ordinary people.That is why Power’s age cannot be determined in Chainsaw Man.

The rest of the article contains more information on Power’s evolution as a series of a series, as well as answers to some important questions about Power’s age at the most important moments in her life.The article will of course contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is the power in man with a chain saw?

The age of power in a chain saw: unknown

As we said above, the actual age of Power is unknown.Due to the fact that he is actually a former devil, and now a devil, it is practically impossible to determine the real age of power, because the devils and devils do not age like normal people.She looks like a girl in the late teenage or early twenties, because she looks like she was at the age of Denji, but in her case it can be misleading.Either way, we can still reveal what happened from the Power in the series before its chaotic end.

When Makima told Denji that she would connect him with someone to patrol and perform a small -scale mission, Power appeared, demanding that Denji root in front of her and introduce himself.She asked him if she was her new partner and, realizing that she was a woman, Denji was excited about working with her, although she caused him many problems.

Power, Denji, Aki and Himeno are later seen in a restaurant when Katana Man begins to talk about his experiences in luxury restaurants, which he shared with his father and how honest he was despite being a Yakuza;At this point, Katana Man shoots everyone, but Power manages to avoid the ball and worry about his fist in a beard, so Aki can use Lisi Devil.

When Aki fights Katana Man, Power tries to stop the bleeding of Himeno, but then escapes from the confrontation when Himeno devotes himself.After the incident that thinned the ranks of the Diabłów Hunter Division, Makima decides to present Power and Denji to their new instructor, Kishibe, who immediately begins intensive training for them.

Kishibe is looking for power and Denji to defeat him because he is the strongest devil’s hunter and will not stop killing them until they fail.To defeat KisHibe, Power and Denji, they initiate the “Super-Geniusz strategy”, which consisted of a complicated plan to attack KisHibe after arriving at the apartment, through a strategically placed Power Bloody List and Denji’s direct attack, trying to catch him.

But despite all this, it all ended in anemic power and Denjim with a knife in my head.The fourth special division, along with other divisions fighting the devil, planned to attack Katana Man, Sawatari and his supporters to take revenge on fallen companions;Power and Denji had a mission to capture Katana Man, but on the way they came across a zombie horde, which was not a problem for Power.

After capturing Katana Man, Power has a different appearance, because her bloody corners have grown and became stronger, all this as a result of consumption of too much blood, so Makima had to take power to drain excess blood.After draining her blood, the power appears again, following the smell of Denji in a cafe where he was waiting for the ree.

He loudly announces his entrance through the door and sits down next to Denji, noticing the flowers he bought from Rey;When he asks about them, Denji decides to eat flowers instead of giving them power.Power, along with Denji, is observed and protected by various devil hunters, but in fact they use Denji as a lure to kill his persecutors.When Power and Denji discover the latter, Power is rewarded with Denji’s blood sucking until he dies, which she celebrates vigorously.

When everyone joins the “Kurose” again, Power convinces Kobeni to give it up, but Power begins to say that the car belongs to her and that it leads it, but it ends with a ride and killing Kurose, suggesting that this was her planfrom the beginning.After the incident with false Kurose, Power, Denji, Aki and other hunters, they are captured at the department store by Santa’s dolls, so they have to face these dolls to survive.However, Quanxi appears, eliminating everyone on his way, leaving only Power and Denji.

Although Power only faked her death, thanks to Kishibe they prevent the massacre and leave Long and Pingtsi as hostages.Power and all others who were at the department store are taken to hell because of Santa’s victim for the hellish devil;All devils, including power, have an irrational fear of being in hell to such an extent that they want to commit suicide.

When the Devil of Darkness arrives, he takes off his arms and ends with murder or mutilating a large part of the group;They are saved by Makima by Tolka, offering the devil’s hell to return them to the world.After defeating Santa Claus and Makmy, killing Quanxi and her women, Power stays with a serious phobia of darkness, to the extent that he does not want to be alone in Aki’s apartment and must be constantly alongside Denji, even when she has to be fed, dressed and bathedby Denji.

As an apology that Denji did not go on a journey with Makima, Power offers Denji sucking her blood so that he would not hate her.Aki will go on a trip to Hokkaido to visit the grave of his deceased family, in the company of Power and Denji because of his stubbornness, which made Aki not remember bad things for the first time or fell into depression.

The day they returned to the apartment ended with a “meal”, which Denji prepared with the help of Power, which made Aki vomit.Later, Gun Devil goes to look for Denji in the apartment where he was with Power, but Power does not want to open him;When he does it, he doesn’t find anyone outside.However, Denji orders Power to go out with Nyako.

Power believes that it is not possible to be attacked by Gun Devila, because she had previously felt the smell of Aki nearby.In some dream, Power and Denji meet a little Aki and fight for snowballs, in which Aki throws snowball into Power, which actually turns into a shot of the devil’s gun.

In his apartment, Makima reveals to Denji that she invited Power and tells him to open the door so that she could kill her.Denji opens the door to find Power outside with a birthday cake for him;Makima then brutally kills Power, pointing to her with a finger and blowing her torso, leaving her other legs and head.

After the attack, we do on Denji, Pagit suddenly woke up power and asked her to save Denji;Power, quite confused, was convinced that she had died earlier at the hands of Makmy, but Pędita assures her that her consciousness simply moved to Denji, because Denji had had blood from her before.

A few moments later, power, as a bloody devil, emerges from Denji’s body, its appearance has completely changed from the original;Thanks to the confusion she caused, Power used the killing of Makim and her supporters with a bloody weapon.Makima then overpowers her with his zombie army and shoots her right shoulder, asking Power how she still lives.

But Power does not want to answer and tries to catch Denji’s body and escape;Her attempt is canceled out of nowhere when Makima shot his back, realizing that there was no chance to escape.Denji was finally able to beat Makima thanks to the help of Power.Then he was able to communicate with the power, who told him to promise that – after her resurrection – he would find her, find her and make him remember everything that they went through so that they could become friends again.

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