“Hozukki’s coolness” Hozuki and hell animals appear in Kujibikidou!The set includes colorful illustrations by Egguchi Natsumi

Hozuki and animals (residents) of hell from “Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” appeared on the internet website of Kuji “Kujibikido”.Various wonderful awards are prepared, including the S award, i.e. Noren with Doodl by the original author, Egguchi Natsumi.

“Hozuki’s Coolheadedness” is a comedic manga taking place in hell by Egguchi Natsumi, which was served in “Morning” until 2020.The story in which the chief of staff of King Hell, Hozuki (Głos Yasumoto Hiroki), solves problems in hell.This is a popular work, which in 2017 has a television adaptation of the anime and although the serialization is over, its popularity still remains high.

“Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Hozuki’s Zoo Kuji” contains great prizes, in which the color of the Egguchi Natsumi illustrations was used from the S prize C. The reward of the S “Hell Entrance’s Noren” prize presents Doodle by Agguchi Natsumi.This size is about 150 cm (length) x 85 cm (width) and is not only large, but also impressive.It is made of canvas.

Award A is “Acrylic Diorama to choose from”.Because it contains a delicate and beautiful illustration, can you enjoy a hellish atmosphere, decorating it on your desk?In total, there are 8 designs available, and these are “Hozuki and Mr. Kan”, “Ten Kings dinner”, “Battle of Children’s Abyss”, “Hozuki and Shiro”, “Diplomacy of heretics devil and demon”, “Cause of death”, “Kikibokaii “and” Zashiki Warashi “.The size is about 12 cm (length) x 11 cm (width) x 7.55 cm (depth).(Size varies depending on the design)

The B prize is “Minia’s lighthouse of an infernal guide” depicting animals (residents) of hell that accompany you with light.A total of 10 designs are available, which are “Hozuki”, “Karashi”, “Shiro”, “Kakisuke”, “Rurio”, “Kasha”, “Scape”, “Koban”, “Gon” and “Mr.Kan. “The size is about 3.8 cm (diameter) x 8.9 cm (height), making it easy to hold.

The C award is the “small acrylic stand” and contains a total of 13 projects depicting heaven and animals (inhabitants) of hell.The dimensions of the main part are about 5 cm (length) x 4 cm (width), a pedestal approx. 2.5 cm (length) x 2.5 cm (width).(Size varies depending on the character)

“Hozuki’s Coolheadedness Hozuki’s Zoo Kuji” is available from 12:00 at noon on October 11, 2022 to 11:59 November 1, 2022. The price is 770 JPY (with tax) for the test.If a set of 10 attempts is bought, “Mini Tin Badge (6 types)” from Shiro and Kaashi will be granted randomly, who zealously live in hell.

In addition, the Follow & Retweet campaign takes place on the official Kujibikido account on Twitter, where three lucky winners will receive “a set of all 13 types of small acrylic stands (prize C)”.

(C) egguchi natsumi/kodansha

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