Hugtto! Precure Episode 2

As expected “healing Yell” is becoming a titanic hit popularity at school, and as a lot as Hana wishes to inform everyone/expose she is the heroine herself, Harry advised her she must maintain it a secret. (nonetheless it acquired’t stay a secret for lengthy if she transforms in entrance of substitute scholars, ahahahaha!). loads to my amusement, Hana overpassed Harry’s factor of browsing for the remainder precures, claiming she’s going to guard Hugtan on her possess, seeing that being a  hero on her possess is system cooler. That sentiment didn’t last lengthy when she became motivated by means of Saaya and was once once about to ask her to become a member of them simply as the enemy attacks.

This week, Saaya joins the team as treatment Ange, the Precure of skills. suits her simply appropriate as she is anybody who likes to be informed all forms of issues. (to not factor out, what a beautiful design and transformation!) It additionally seems the whole precure’s certain assault might have them say, “hooray, hooray” which is high-quality however or else somewhat bit beautiful. (That being stated, I don’t think we invariably must fear about Hana’s saying her mantra an immoderate amount of!)

And Saaya is without doubt lovable. She is palms down, the cutest precure i’ve apparent for that reason far. Her candy and caring persona, her humbleness, and the quality means she blushes, what’s there to not like about her? She is so loveable! She has no longer most effective gained my coronary coronary heart, however it appears like Harry the mouse, is reasonably smitten himself. i’ve a feeling treatment Ange would grow to be his bias! HAHAHAHA!

My specified response!

speakme of Harry, while it’s nothing new or surprising to look “Precure fairies” or “creatures” sort out a human form, however when Harry changed I used to be as soon as wholly caught off preserve. This was as soon as my response: “HE TRANSFOR- WHAT THE HELL HE’S scorching? WHAT!?!?!? THAT used to be SO surprising.”

Oh boy, i will be able to already sense my inside transport fangirl is already itching to ship Saaya and Harry together.

besides the fact that children that nothing ordinarily primary in phrases of pursuits happened this episode, we received some primary plot points. It was once once a first-rate shock for the reason that in general the writers select to take their time with shedding plot pointers, however it fairly works of their favour to it this early on. Hana expert what appears to be both Hugtan’s recollections. The flashback confirmed the reverse precures calling out to the lady who I expect is Hugtan, earlier than falling silent. It appears the other precure could have fallen, and left the Mirai Crystal in her hands. however the significant query I keep asking myself is, the place was once once this combat to start with set? As of correct now, we haven’t been informed about “alternative geographical regions” and such. All we know is that the enemy is threatening to rob the long run (“time will discontinue”), and with out a future, Hugtan will in no way develop up.

yet another factor to pay close concentration to is the exact truth Harry involves three extra prehearts, revealing there’ll a fourth precure who is expected to emerge as a member of their workforce at some point. even though i’ve have already got my suspicions on Hugtan being the fourth member, the dream additional implies that potentially Hugtan has been reverted to a baby state.

total this was a really just proper strategy to comply with up the pilot. i am loving the characters and their dynamics with each distinctive, and i get the feel this sequence can have promising storyline.

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