Hugtto!Precure – Episode 34

Hello everyone and welcome to Wrong Every Time again.Today I am glad that I am coming back to Hugtto!Precure, which recently offered one of the most powerful and painful episodes.While most Hugtto heroes are struggling with standard youthful unrest of their future, Henri’s struggles with identity and fame have always had this specificity, because he is struggling with prejudices only because he is himself.Even after overcoming the contempt of gender essentialism in his first performances, he must now struggle with both paparazzi and fans who try to take over his property and define him in accordance with their own desires.

And now, after the fight so long to confirm his ID, Henri has to deal with another unfortunate twist of fate.Henri’s public figure is an icon of androgynic youth, but his real body ages, accumulates injury and heads to adulthood.Hugtto has always tried to present the future as full of potential, but what if the adoption of the future means losing everything you already have?No wonder that Henri is really tempted by Criasu’s proposal to stop time here in the last moments of his youthful glory.After all, what alternative can our heroes offer him?

This is a question that I ask myself since the last episode and I can’t wait to find the answer.Let’s go back to Hugtto Precure!

Episode 34

Several months have passed since our last description and I am glad that Hana still does not understand that you have to stand back from a damn camera

We get a brief description of Sister Hana, Kotori, who apparently writes on her blog.I think you need a place where you can go crazy when you have a sister like Hana

Absolutely fantastic.Kotori has already noticed that the precurs usually appears when Hana is nearby, but her completely logical conclusion of this data is that Hana is so fucked up that in principle precurs she looked after her forever to solve all her disasters

Well, I was excited seeing where Henri was going, but the episode about stupid cleaning of the palate also sounds great.As Ojamajo Doremi taught me well, episodes about the suspicious siblings of magic girls seem quite great

“Kotori, detective master!Investigating in the case of an older sister! “Great

Another good news when we start with Hugman himself, who is currently cooking eggs for Harry

The fact that Harry basically became a member of their collective families always seems to be charmingly ridiculous to me and I wonder to what extent this is the result of cultural differences.The idea that children would freely interact with non -family adults in their vicinity, became a total cultural taboo in the United States, fueled over the years of “foreign danger”, which is basically the only frame for adults who are not parents or teachers.But this is also the same as an unbelievably sealed United States society, in which there is basically no sense of common community or public space.In contrast, Japan has a much more community -oriented culture, which probably makes a character like Harry seem a bit less unbelievable

Kotori suspiciously watching her gremlin sister clogging her face is great.The combination of an incredible magic girl with a more arranged siblings is simply a great recipe for a comedy

It is also nice to see how Hugtan’s vocabulary is expanding.At this point, it can fundamentally reflect Hana’s nonsense, which may be more digging Hana than a compliment to Hugtan, but despite this

Oh my God Hana, can you even pretend you are civilized.He basically attacks his omelette like a dog grabbing food from the floor until her wild moves end with a complete throwing of him from the table

Excellent faces and blur when Hana tries to defend her omelette.It is great to come back with this program!

Kotori confronts Emiru with his worries

More extremely good faces and smears when a random boy runs on the mention of Cure Yell.The animators are having a great time

It turns out that this is Chise Fumito, president of the Cure Yell fan club.He even has a hat and everything

Ah, I understand, he witnessed in the previous episode.Here, more perfect aesthetics flourishes, because shading becomes more intense, and the characters go to decorative Shoujo designs in the style of something like Dear Brother, all to convey the intensity of his feelings to Cure Yell

This, in turn, leads to a natural joke that contrasts his personal visions with his own visual project, because after returning to reality he turns into a silly drop

Jesus, who was the director of the animation in this episode?Basically, every third shot is filled with funny, deformed distortions and crazy animation feats;It is as if this episode was a counterweight for the previous aesthetics and narrative content, showing how stupid this series can look like

Apparently our AD is Nobuto Akada, who also provided a key animation for this episode, and previously served as AD in several episodes of Princess Tutu.Trusted colleague Junichi Sato, then

Meanwhile, Gelos seems to fall into despair in the Papple style, abandoned by the leader of Criasu

“Over time, my possibilities, all wonderful pages disappear!”Their persistent fear, emphasized here by the aggressive ticking of the clock in the background, emphasizing the passing of time

Then there was a clear transition to one of her former subordinates, which now found a new job at the local food stand.Although they were abandoned, they learned to look for new horizons outside the shadow of Criasu

A nice line of continuity here, showing how Hana still helps at the Takoyaki stand.What was once a source of embarrassment has now become a symbol of pride, testifying to its reliability

Our transition to following Chise reveals another Gelos subordinate, who is now working at the construction site.I am glad that they both landed on their feet

“” Shine!Shine brighter! “, They say.And women give everything they have, just to finish. “Damn Gelos.This program can sometimes become really sharp;I am not sure how it works in seasons with other topics, but the concentration of Hugtto on a career and adulthood gives him the opportunity to make some sharp changes in the dehumanizing nature of corporate culture or expectations related to the sexes related to the sexual behavior of such behavior

“I will show you how terrible women you abandoned!”We even undermine the slightly general paradigm of a magic girl, emphasizing the natural dichotomy that he can show between seemingly excellent girls and “fallen women”.Women are forced to perform as angels, and when they fail, they are condemned as monsters – this is a criticism that can be seen in programs such as Madoka Magica or The Demon Girl Next Door, and I am both surprised and impressed by this viewbeing recognized here also here

Gelos’s fallen form is simply to measure hair with a gel beam.It is actually a pretty sweet look

Gelos’s journey here is an interesting parallel with the Kotori expedition.Kotori believes that her sister cannot be precurs, because the precurs are seemingly graceful and flawless all the time – but in fact her messy, eternally broken sister has already proved that she is a great precurs.Basically, this questions the idea that magic girls must personify the flawless grace, and instead emphasizes that we can all be worthy of celebrating in their own way.Regardless of whether you are a magical girl or not, you do not have to do beauty and grace to deserve praise – and those who require you, like Gelos’s superior, they should never control your choices

After Kotori wishes her to have a “cool sister like a precurs”, Hinase finally challenges her, stating that she doesn’t think many people could continue working hard and cheer people like Hana.She is unusual in her own way, even if her strengths do not match the idea of the size of Kotori

And on the call of Han falls into the pond to protect his sister

And then Oshimaed appears!Tragically, Chise is so convinced that Cure Yell will save them, that he is in direct danger, which I am sure that no precurs would really recommend

Cure Yell, of course

And the game is distributed, as Yell provides it with the same words that Hana once comforted her.Well, I assume that Kotori is relatively trustworthy

I like it, while other precurs have fancy attack names, Hana just screams louder and hits harder.Extremely good magic girl

I am clearly biased, but I personally think that Gelos’s new appearance is a huge improvement in the whole.You sway this spiky Gelos jacket, don’t let your shit boss manage you!

And although Chise still doesn’t understand it, at the end of Kotori fully understands how impressive her sister is

Not Kotori, do not reveal your sister’s identity on your fucking blog!I trusted you

And ready

What a wonderful episode!My expectations fluctuated in this and different way through all his early phases, but the end result offered an amazing balance between silly pranks and really sharp motives.Akada and animators apparently had a great time, animating this film, enjoying Hana’s most gremlin features thanks to great work with expression and energetic smears.And then this comedy was actually directed for a direct thematic purpose, because we questioned the assumption of Gelos that only young and grateful can be appreciated thanks to the clear value, which Hana embodies.Hugtto had surprised me earlier with his accurate thematic arguments, and this episode made a new impression on me, offering a convincing and extremely suitable answer to Hugtto to a magic/fallen girlfriend.Not bad, pretty cure!

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