Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Date of release, time and reading method

How can you read Chapter 391 Hunter X Hunter Online, at what time and at what time will the latest edition of the manga appear in the world?

While such as they stoves, My Hero Acadekaren and Black Clover dominate in a weekend conversation about the manga, it’s time for a truly iconic series to return, so long.

The classic manga Hunter X Hunter is finally to return this weekend with chapter 391, after the infamous resumption of the series at the beginning of the year.

Without entering the disclosed spoilers, we present the date and time of release chapter 391 Hunter X Hunter, as well as the way you can read the new chapter online for free.

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1417 days are the number of days by which Hunter X Hunter was suspended.In 3 days Manga will return in Weekly Shonen Jump, which will make the series officially suspended for 1419 days = 3.8 years.

If you don’t know yet, prepare for the chapter full of action this Sunday!

– Hunter x hunter (@thehxhsource)

October 20, 2022

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How to read chapter 391 hunter x hunter

Manga Hunter X Hunter series is available to read online through both

Viz Media


Manga Plus


Chapter 391 will be made available free of charge on both websites after its global publication, see below.

Both platforms also provide two previous chapters for free if you need information about the history so far.

However, if you want to access the entire library of published online chapters, you will need


In V and media, which currently cost new users $ 1.99 per month.

Manga Plus can also be downloaded to your device through

App Store


Google Play


Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391: Date and time of release

According to


The Hunter X Hunter Manga website Chapter 391 will be released for the vast majority of international fans on Sunday, October 23.

Manga Plus


that the latest manga chapter will be created for reading at the following international hours:

Pacific Time – 8 Ameastert Time – 11 Ambitish Time – 16.00 European time – 17: 00 Indian – 20.30 PMczas Filipino – 11 PMAUSTRALI CENTER L Summer time – 1:30 (October 24)

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🚀The propeling thread Hunter X Hunter Cachup!

After restarting the manga on October 23, here is everything that happened in Hunter X Hunter from the end of the anime!

Thread: spoilers ahead of us!

– viewpointHunterxhunter returns (@thelookoutrnc)

October 18, 2022

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Where can you buy the latest manga volumes?

The last volume of Tankobon from the Mangi series Hunter X Hunter, number 36, was published in October 2018 in Japan, and in August 2019 in English.

Users can buy physical copies of the latest volume through








and a lot


comic stores.

Digital copies are also available through

Viz Media


Google Play


Apple iBooks

, Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble

Zakątek service


Volume 37 will be issued in Japan on November 4, 2022, but in the English version, the date of publication, unfortunately, remains TBA.

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