Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 resumes the manga after 4 years!Read HXH 391 for free for manga plus

Hunter X Hunter Volume 37 Cover (detail).Photo: Shueisha/Yoshiriro Togashi

After a four -year break, Hunter X Hunter chapter 391 officially restores the HXH manga!

For those who cannot get to Weekly Shounen Jump Issue 47, 2022, HXH Chapter 391 in English is available free of charge on

Shueisha Manga Plus

Web page!

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 is entitled “Start: Part 2” and the cover can be seen below.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 391 Cover.Photo: Shueisha/Yoshiriro Togashi

VIZ Media will publish new chapters of Hunter X Hunter in English, and also made available all 390 previous chapters in digital form.Access to the three latest chapters is free, while access to the rest of the series requires a paid subscription.

The weekly Shōnen Jump quickly followed in their footsteps, releasing all chapters of Hunter X Hunter through his mobile application.

Hunter X Hunter Volume 37

The release date of Hunter X Hunter Volume 37 is November 4, 2022. The message was

officially announced

by the editors of Shōnen Jump on September 19, 2022.

October 11 Weekly Shōnen Jump revealed the cover of Hunter X Hunter Volume 37. Look:

Cover Hunter X Hunter Volume 37. Photo: Shueisha/Yoshiriro Togashi

Volume 37 Hunter X Hunter will contain chapters 381-390, which means that he will not contain any new chapters of HXH Mangaka, over which Yoshihiro Togashi worked from the end of the break in the manga.

Hunter X Hunter Manga Timeline

Hunter X Hunter is a manga by Yoshiriro Togashi, which was published in 1998.Manga was published on Weekly Shōnen Jump.

New chapters were released regularly during the first 8 years of its operation.However, since 2006, Hunter X Hunter was dealing with prolonged breaks, with the last (2018) lasted almost four years and ended on October 23, 2022 with chapter 391 Hunter X Hunter.

The prolonged breaks are caused by back pain mangaki Togashi.

The irregular schedule annoyed the fans of the series anyway;Sentiment can be justified when we know that Hunter X Hunter is one of the most popular series of Mang of all time.

A lot of time has passed since 1998, when Togashi’s masterpiece saw the light of day.Twenty few years later, Hunter X Hunter is a full -fledged series covering several highly valued anime adaptations and many video games.

The first 62-episode television adaptation of anime Hunter X Hunter broadcast from 1999 to 2001. Another 148-episode adaptation (6 seasons) broadcast in 2011-2014.The 30-episode OVA series was broadcast in 2002-2004, there are also two animated films.

It is also worth mentioning that Mangaka Togashi celebrates the 35th anniversary of her pioneering work this year.A great exhibition aimed at honoring his legacy entitled “Togashi Yoshiro Exhibition-Puzzle-” will open to the audience on October 28, 2022 in Tokyo and will last until January 9, 2023.

A good thing Hunter X Hunter returns to add a bit of nostalgia to this event!

Let’s hope that the new chapters of the HXH manga will be regularly published.Until the next Shōnen Jump issue, enjoy Hunter X Hunter, chapter 391!After all, a four -year break is no laughter.