Hunter X Hunter Manga resumed after almost 4 years October 24

In addition, VIZ Media announced that it will simultaneously publish new chapters in its English edition of Shonen Jump on October 23 (EDT) and added previous manga chapters to the digital treasury of the warehouse.

Shueisha also looked at the cover (visible on the right) of the upcoming 37th volume of the compiled manga, the first volume of the manga after four years.Tom will be released on November 4.Manga currently has 10 chapters (381-390), which have not yet been published in a compiled book volume.

Togashi commented in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in May that he completed the preliminary working versions of 10 chapters, which is a typical value for the volume.At that time, it was irritated that he graduated from seven (at the beginning of six) manuscripts from these 10 chapters.Since then, he continues to update the account with malicious progress in chapters.He did not reveal when the chapters will debut.

Manga returned from the previous break in September 2018. After the break in April 2018, Manga had previously interrupted work in September 2017, and Togashi announced at that time that he was planning to resume the series before the end of the year.Manga was resumed in January 2018.Earlier Manga had many breaks.

Togashi released the manga in the Shueisha Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1998.Manga inspired two TV series Anime, two anime movies and a few original anime video titles.Shueisha published the 36th compiled volume of Manga in October 2018. VIZ Media published the 36th volume in North America in August 2019.

The second television adaptation of the manga anime premiered in Japan in 2011 and had 148 episodes.The last episode premiered in 2014.

Crunchyroll broadcast the series in Japan.The series told the story of Togashi’s original manga from the very beginning.The story tells about Gon Freecs, who tries to become a hunter to find his father and find the reason why his father abandoned him as a child to become a hunter.


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