I am a villain, so I tame the final boss of the release date of the English Dub revealed by Crunchyroll

Claude and Lauren with I am wicked, so I tame the final boss.Photo source: maho film

I am a villain, so I tame the final boss, the release date of English Dub is October 15, 2022. You can watch English Dub at Crunchyroll.

The anime version premiered on October 1, 2022, and is currently broadcast in Tokyo MX, MBS, WOWOW, AT-X and BS-TBS.

Cast and staff

Crunchyroll also revealed the main cast and cast of the first episode of English Dubu:

The cast includes:

Alexis Tipton (Kaguya Shynomiya in Kaguya-Sama: Love is war) as Aileenjohn Burgmeier (Kurama in Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files) as Claudehaden Daviau (Rina Tennouji in love live! Nijigasaki High School Idol ClubHeroines Run The Show: The Unspopular Girl and the Secret Task) as Cedricbrandon Johnson (Arc at Skeleton Knight in Another World) as Beelzebuthkyle Phillips (Denki Kaminari at My Hero Acadekaren) as keithhony Bowling (Sakamoto in Nichjou) as almondkameIn the remake of our life!) As Marcussean Hennigan (Gol D. Roger in One Piece) as Rudolphemimy Fajardo (Bojji in the ranking of kings) as Ribbon Additional voices: tutor Phillips, Kristian Eros, Jacob Alexander, Nicholas Markgraph, Bryson Baugus

The team includes:

Director ADR – venom Saxonassistant ADR director – Morgan Laurégłówna engineer ADR – Ian Emersonassistant engineer ADR – Noah Whitehead ADR screenwriters – Natalie van Sistine, Macy Anne Johnsonkiernik ADR – Emily Nevesadr Prep – Dominique French

I am a key graphics for anime, I am a villain, so I tame the final boss.Photo source: maho film

More information about the fact that I am a villain, so I tame the final boss

I am a villain, so I tame the final boss, also known in Japan as Akuyak Reijo Nanode Rasubos or Katte Mimashita, the anime is based on a series of light novels of the same name written by Sarasa Nagase and illustrated by Mai Murasaki.

Light novels were first in the episodes in the novel generated by users, the publishing site of Shostsuka ni Naro.The series was later taken over by Kadokawa Shoten, which has been publishing novels under its publishing house from September 2017 under its publishing house Beans Bunko.A total of 9 volumes have been issued so far.

She also received an adaptation of the manga by Anko Yuzu, which was served in the Comp Ace Kadokawy Shoten magazine.The chapters were collected in three volumes of Tankobon.

For more information about the series, look at the official anime I’m the villainness, so I tame the final boss

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