“I am so shocked”: why the final of the power of power upset Internet users [spoilers] follow us

Rings of Power fans were shocked by a revelation from the final of The Rings of Power.

This Friday, October 14, Amazon Prime published the long -awaited final of the first season of Rings of Power.The eighth episode of the flagship return series contains a gigantic revelation.Because fans can finally answer the question bothering them for weeks.Is Sauron in Rings of Power?The Black Lord was finally caught up after a long time of searching by Galadriel and careful viewers.Contrary to rumors, which attributed the role of a stranger (a man of meteor), Sauron is nobody other than the king of the Southern Lands, Halbrand (Charlie Vickers).

If the information did not surprise the most clever investigators – especially since Halbrand confided in Galadrieli: “You know nothing about darkness” in episode 5 – many viewers jumped on the sofas before they started to Twitter to express their very strong emotions: “SauronHe arranged us well “,” I thought he would be a Nazgul.But when Sauron lives!This episode is epic “,” I was 2000% sure that the stranger is Sauron.»,” I’m shocked “,” I can’t believe it’s this fucking Sauron ???!DSL spoilers, but JSS so shocked “,” damn, we finally see Sauron and it makes me very happy, especially since he seems honest in her words “…

When will the second season of Rings of Power come?

Despite the sharp criticism of Rings of Power, it is one of the greatest events of the season.What to convince


to give green light to the second season, whose photos have already begun.On the other hand, we should not expect that he will soon land on our screens.We want as little time as possible between each season, but we want to keep the bar so high.That is why it will take a long time to explain Jennifer Salke, president of Amazon Studios, in an interview with a change.But we were asked to walk faster, which is why the writers wrote during the break.We move quickly.Amazon Prime Video plans to develop four more seasons, thanks to which its series will be one of the most expensive in history.