“I don’t regret”, Mélanie Dedigam (Les Cinquante) confides in parting with Vincent

Separated from Vincent for several months, Mélanie Dedigama confided very honestly from their parting.

After many tensions in pair and many rumors on social networks,

Dedigam’s mélanie and her companion Vincent

They announced the separation in August during live on Instagram: “Vincent and I parted a few weeks and even a few months ago.We waited to tell you that you would make the right decision and that we would not come back to her.We wanted to experience a normal break, like everyone else, without noise, without bad noise, “they then announced in front of the camera of their community.

Fortunately, they were both no war, as it could take place during separation.In fact, Naya’s parents are still

closer than before

.For your part, the candidate


She confided in the sentimental life of her ex -beloved: “I don’t know at all, it’s not my business and it wouldn’t be to me, but to him,” she answered Surfer, asking her if Vincent rebuilt his life as or not.Now single,

Does Melanie regreten his breaking?

Mélanie is experiencing parting with Vincent very well

Inevitably, fans of pretty brunette wonders what she has been since she is separated from her daughter’s father.The user took advantage of the Questions and Answers on Instagram to ask him about this: “How do you deal with parting?»To which the candidate replied:

“I don’t regret it very well.»

This has the advantage of being clear.If some reality candidates are breaking and finally returning to each other, it certainly will not be the case with Mélan and Vincent.