I find a giant screen with RGB keyboards

Did you know that to create a big screen?Now yes.We always need more.

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He wanted to take a fairly crazy challenge to create a giant screen only with RGB keyboards.Are you saying a crazy idea?However, it seems that he succeeded, as you can see in the film below.

Screen with keyboards?Pleasure ?

This is not the first time we see this kind of creation since Logitech did something similar during

Pax East 2016

.But here it is much more amazing to get there without being a great technology company.It is 40 keyboards the WhirlwindfX model V2 component arranged in eight rows of five devices.

The creator joined four nails to each keyboard with USB concentrators and tons of cables to achieve this.Then he used his own software to create an allocation net.SignalRGB explains that this requires only 2% of the processor capacity.

Of course, in addition to the installation itself, we can also discover real use.Could there be something more specific than launching Doom?You know, FPS, which you can play almost everywhere.Of course, everything is particularly overwhelmed, but we will continue to remember the effort of this artistic creation.Of course, you can also play Minecraft, Pong and Mario.

Note that the WHIRLWINDFX WHIRLWINDFX keyboards cost $ 50 per item, which is why this experience costs at least $ 2,000 per equipment.