I like the stupid sentences Duolingo

Duolingo is probably the most commonly discussed language application.I tried it myself in the past, hoping that he would strengthen the languages in which I am familiar to some extent, and maybe I will even learn new ones.Studying and using Japanese for over twenty years, I am well aware that achieving proficiency in a foreign language is a lot of work, so I do not expect miracles from the application, which is built mainly for access to access.But Duolingo itself claims that he is able to help people learn languages, so I wanted to see what others think about the application.

Returning criticism of Duolingo, which I found, especially when it comes to older versions of the application is that it often contains examples of sentences that are inclined to the impractical – less “where is the bathroom?”And more “Who released the dogs?”However, I think that I just liked Duolingo.In my experience in learning languages, I feel that I am making the greatest progress when I get tools to fool around.I believe that language learning is reduced to utility – learning useful phrases for use in everyday situations or while traveling – it usually reduces the pressure on deeper thinking about the language.

The silly sentences emphasize the idea that the languages consist of “bricks” that can be moved and re -combined.Strong bases are of course still important, but focusing on stupidity encourages thinking about languages as flexible concepts.Ask yourself how in any language he would translate something like “who released dogs?”Would the word “release” be more like “going out”?Or “release?”Or maybe even “free”?This is not impossible in any way to achieve this with a more practical approach, but the approach to this from a more carefree point of view removes some tension and pressure related to language learning, at least in my opinion.

I have never really used a large Japanese language and left the Dutch course largely unfinished in 2018, to which I am just coming back now. However, during this Covid-19 pandemic I returned to the application more or less for this hell. This time my goal was the Mandarin language and I slowly left it, deliberately adopting a more free approach. I do one lesson a day, and now I have completed the entire Mandarin language course to level 1 It is a kind of detective to be a kind of detective and try to find out how sentences work. To say, the fact that I know Japanese (and I speak decently in a different Chinese form) could give me an unfair advantage over someone who has no experience in East Asian languages ​​and tries Duolingo.

I’m fluent now I use Mandarin?Definitely not.Considering the fact that Duolingo does not even teach almost all Chinese characters that should be considered “liquid”, this is the goal of aspiration that must go beyond one lonely application with an owl mascot.But recently I listened to the Vtuber stream, which contained some Chinese Mandarin and I discovered that I catch things that I would never be able to even a year ago.I would consider this progress.