I love life!Super star!!Anime from Season 3 was announced

What awaits Liella!In season 3?Photo source: Bandai Namco Filmworks

On October 9, 2022, @Lovelive_staff announced Love Live!Super star!!Season 3 anime series.

At the moment, no details about the plot are available, but we know that the interrogations to Nowa Liella!, The cast of the cast will start on November 1, 2022.To be the third year, but the fans are curious if Liella!He can gain more members because of the popularity of Wein and Armia.

Who join Liella!Photo source: Bandai Namco Filmworks

Can season 3 be the last season?

Love live!Super star!!Is the first love live!The series to get the third season.School idol project, sunshine !!And Nijigasaki High School Idol Club have two seasons and a movie.

But high schools in Japan are three years old, and then students graduate and apply to college or try to find work.So five original girls from Lielel!, Canon, Sumire, Ren, Keke and Chisato will leave the private girls’ high school Yuigaoka, if they finish school.

Does that mean liella!Will it separate, will the other members keep the name?What will happen to our original members and the new third year?

And the Academy will continue to receive students now when Liella!exists?But most importantly, when can we hear new songs?

It is difficult to become an idol

Although you know that the canon and the rest of the team will fulfill their dreams in one or second, the anime does a great job, showing us some obstacles on their way.For example, the most common trail is that the canon hangs when it intends to sing in front of people.

But idols must have endurance and mental strength to push through even when they are to faint.Things like being sweet and having a decent voice or dance movements will only lead you so far.

ラブライブ! スーパー スター !!Liella!3 期生 キャスト 名 名 一般 公募 オーディション オーディション 2022 年 11月 1 日 受付 スタート!!

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Many idols use the opportunity to play an instrument or write music to improve their performance.But girls also have to balance their school life and worry about health.

Some have jobs or other responsibilities, while others may not intend to lead an idol lifestyle after graduation.And some will not be able, no matter how much they want to continue.

This is a good program that balances the pink shade of being an idol, while showing some of the reality that is required by being.Are you excited about the third season?