I love life!Super star!!Season 2 – Episode 12

Oh mother

I mean, UH, AHEM.I love life!He is known for being a damn god tease tha-

Er.Sorry.I’m calm.I am controlled.I went for a walk to throw it out of my system.I am an adult.I’m a professional.

As I said, Love Live!She has always been known for the love of melodrama.This is a franchise that loves great, loud, dramatic emotions.It was often a strong side, because wearing a heart on a sleeve and swaying to the fence is basically everything that is about the music theater, and if it is well done, it can have a huge impact on the audience.I deeply believe that the passion of the series to treat even small moments of the character as revealing apparitions is the reason why this series has adopted as much as it did.But it was also Achilles’ heel when the magazine could not support it.So the final of the Superstar season was both a surprise and a brilliant choice to refrain and let writing the character speak for itself.

Sure, there is an important musical moment that emphasizes all this, and we will come to this, but it is striking how much part of this episode is only … conversation.For order, this is not a complaint at all.When significant, important emotions, the fact that the characters actually talk about all of this, I love watching.So many concerts – including the previous Love Live!Series – we would run to characters hiding their feelings or in a different way of darkening things for the drama, but instead we see honest communication between not only lieli members for honest!But even from the family of the canon.Instead of building in the screaming or crying crescendo, it allows a work that has already been done when creating and developing these characters, to make a hard lifting, trusting that the audience does not need a great hug event to feel what the characters feel.

Seemingly this may sound boring, but it is crucial for these characters to seem true.The canon faces a really great question about his life and future, and the more well -established everything is, the more specifically the audience feels.And I love it, because although the bitters will see someone you love, leave, Chisato and everyone else is fully aware of why this is the right choice and support their friend and leader when he decides to study abroad.I was also delighted when the canon insisted that they did not solve or change the name of Liella!When it goes away.Although I have a fondness for the end of µ’s after the third year was completed, it always seemed a bit premature to me.Maybe I’m just too used to teams that work despite huge changes in the composition (hey,

Fleetwood Mac

), but I completely scrap what you had before because your group has undergone changes, it seemed strange to me.So the canon urging them all to maintain this name and the whole group, was probably my favorite moment in the whole finale.

And while the actual dialogue in the exaggerated Schmatlz stops, the final (and predictably victorious) swan singing of the season definitely not. “Mirai, here Ga Kikoeru” is a full ballad that combines farewell news for the canon and a simple love song, led by fantastically sophisticated instrumentation. I especially like the opening instrument that sounds almost like something produced by Tom Wilson. Maybe my ears are playing tricks that I have been listening to too much nico lately (no, not this Nico), but it stuck in my head and I love it a bit. I will probably never be a fan of the pop aftertaste of this series, but when they choose breathtaking ballads, they can absolutely achieve this – especially with the vocal composition of Liella!. Some of them think that this is a bit strange, as the victory of our girls is determined, but ultimately this is to refer to our main character. In this respect, it is wonderfully sweet, and even a somewhat gloomy farewell, and at the same time a perfect way to send a superstar to a really unexplored territory at the same time.

And then the last 30 seconds happened.

ZuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuYou damn bastards.I bet you all patted on the back and sipped the champagne in Sunrise when this episode was broadcast.You got out really quickly, huh?Really, it’s my fault.The same duo scriptwriter/director used exactly the same bait and changes at the end of the second season of the School Idol Project!They were already remixing the final of the first season of this series, so why, to the hell, would not pull the carpet from Big News when I rubbed my tears?And now instead of a regular farewell movie, the whole “next season” is coming, which means that we will be on this damn cliff for months.Maybe years depending on the axis of the production time of this spinoff Yohane Fantasy Au.As for the fuck?

So now, instead of a nice and orderly ending, I have a million questions about where we are going from here. Yes, an unprecedented third season was announced, but as … we just said goodbye to the canon. I understand that you do not want to throw away Sayuri Date from work, while the rest of the group is still riding, but it would be a stunning narrative skirmish if I just rejected her back to Yuigoki. So I have to believe that there is a phrase – especially after the announcement that they organize interrogations for a new member (apparently in a single number) for lieli!. Maybe the canon does not go abroad, but he will not be able to keep her duties of School Idol? Maybe the Vienna school inexplicably founded a campus in Japan. Maybe it was all a trick to test the figure of the canon, and she is sought after in a group of space idols, as at the end of KND. Whatever it is, none of us will receive answers to the near future.

In addition, the kidney hit in the last second was an absolutely exemplary season for Superstar.It began where the first season ended and simply worked throughout the duration.The new cast is now so well mixed that it is hard to imagine that they were not always there.The drama for both the new and returning cast managed to keep its influence, without stumbling like previous stories.He introduced the most effective figure of the rival in the whole series.And he did all this, while opening a new ground to continue this story outside the established structure.Super -Gwiazda, especially this season, was strengthened to me as the peak of the series.


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