I LOVE ME EDUCATIONAL ANIME EXPLORING Gender will get 3 new episodes

New episodes will be broadcast in October-November

NHK announced on Friday that the adventure anime and love me will have three more episodes that will be broadcast in October 23, 15 and 22 on NHK Educational.Each episode will last 10 minutes.

Hikari Mitsushima will again play the voice of each character, including Mia.The episodes this time are entitled “Why do people soak the bed?”, “The fastest is No. 1” … or not? “and “What families everyone has?”

Takeshi TakaMura again writes the script, and Obak designs characters.Humbert Humbert is responsible for music.The program is supervised by professors of developmental psychology, sex theory, sex education and other related subjects.

Anime is associated with the #Beyondgender project, which aims to support a society in which people can live as they are, without social and cultural restrictions of sex, such as “masculinity” and “femininity”.Dreams and thoughts caused by questions about mind, body and life.

The first anime broadcast on NHK Educational 28-30 March.


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