Ichigo versus Aizen: Who won, how, why and in which episode?

Sōsuke Aizen was the main villain in Bleach before the appearance of Yhwach, and because many people never read manga outside the events of the anime, Aizen remains in the collective memory of many Bleach fans as the final villain of the series.He was defeated by the combined efforts of Gotea 13, Vizored, Urahara and his allies and, of course, Ichigo Kurosaki;They all contributed to the fall of Aizen in one way or another.In this article, however, we will focus on the last duel of Ichigo with Aizene in Soul Society, after everyone – except Urahara – fell.You will find out who won, how and why he managed to win and in which episode it happened.

Ichigo Kurosaki zdołał pokonać Aizena po odblokowaniu

Saigo no Getsuga Tenshō

, z pomocą ojca i Zangetsu. Ten ruch kosztował go jego moce, ale to wystarczyło, by pozbawić go mocy, co wystarczyło, by Kidō Urahary zadziałało i zapieczętowało Aizena. Następnie został skazany i uwięziony przez Central 46.

The rest of this article is to answer four key questions.You will learn all the details related to the fight between Aizene and Ichigo, which you will see in four separate sections.Everything you ever wanted to know about this fight will be available in our article and therefore this article will contain many spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

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Ichigo versus Ichigo Aizen: Who won?

The answer to our first question is fast and simple.Like every fan of Bleach already knows, Ichigo was able to defeat Aizen and thus save Soul Society from destruction.Megalomania Aizen came to an end there and although he devoted a lot to Ichigo, he eventually managed to beat Aizen, which enabled the Urahar to seal him his kidō.

How and why did I defeat Aizen?

After a exhausting fight with Isshin, Aizen begins to transform into Hōgyoku, then suddenly Kisuke appears and attacks Aizen.Aizen and Kisuke then talk about Hōgyoku and after a few and back, and after Kisuke tried to defeat Aizen with various kidō spells or seal his powers and his reiatsu, Aizen releases the real powers he won by connecting Hōgyoku.

His appearance changes completely and there is no trace of Aizen, except for his cool and arrogant behavior.This transformation gives him new strength and again takes up the fight with the two.Later, Yoruichi appears suddenly and attacks Aizen from above.However, this attack was also ineffective and Aizen managed to destroy some of the Yorichi armor instead.

Isshin, Kisuke and Yoruichi then attack Aizen together.But Aizen was able to survive even Getsuga Tenshō Isshina almost without scratching, and then quickly defeated him, Kisuke and Yoruichi.He then asks Gina to open Senkaimon when his body shell begins to crumble and the unity of Hōgyoku is over.Together with Gin, he then enters Dangai, the intermediate world between Soul Society and the world of people.

There he easily destroys Kōtotsu.Arriving at Soul Society, Aizen meets a little later Tatsuki Arisawa and Keigo Asano, whom he identifies as friends of Ichigo Kurosaki.To increase Ichigo’s power, Aizen now wants to kill his friends.Keigo is running away, but Tatsuki is helpless.Shortly after, Don canonia tries to attack Aizen, but he is detained at the last minute by ranking Matsumoto.

Gin disappears with his old friend to talk to her, or rather calm her down, what was happening then.When Gin joins Aizen, who intends to kill Tatsuki and other friends of Ichigo, Gin stops him.Gin faces Aizene and touches Kyōki Suigetsu’s blade.Then Gin says that this is the only way to escape from Kanzen Saimin, total hypnosis.

Gin then activates his Shinsō, immediately attacks him and stabs him in the chest.At first, Aizen seems surprised and says that something like this couldn’t kill him, and Gin knows it as well as he did.Gin then explains the special ability of his Zanpakutō.When he explained it by Ichigo, Gin lied that he was not as fast or as long as he said, but he injects a toxin that dissolves the cells forming the body.

Gin then activates his Bankai, Kamishini no yari, and everything around Hōgyoku in the chest of Aizen begins to dissolve, revealing Hōgyoku, and gin grabs them.Aizen then falls to the ground and seems to explode with a loud scream.The bright pole of light rises in the middle of the city of Karakura, and Aizen appears in its third form.He has three pairs of wings and his body is completely closed again.

He immediately teleports to gin and points to him that it does not make sense, because he is still connected with Hōgyoku, although he is no longer in his body and then attacks him.Gin repels Aizen’s attack, which grabs his arm and pulls him away.Finally, Aizen stabs him again, and then throws a gin through a nearby wall.Tatsuki and Don canoni, who now have to watch the spectacle, fall to the ground under the influence of spiritual pressure and only Keigo is able to stay in a vertical position.

Gin lies still in ruins, and Ranigic Matsumoto appears again to mourn her dying childhood friend.However, he does not notice that Aizen in the meantime is behind her.Unexpectedly, Ichigo appears behind Aizene with the unconscious Isshin on his shoulder.Because Aizen does not feel Ichigo, he believes that his development has failed.However, Ichigo surprises him, grabbing his face and throwing him into a secluded place.

Aizen’s faith in victory remains intact, even when he realizes that Ichigo “dropped his reitsu” and this improved his physical abilities.When their blades cross, the mountain is swelled, and Aizen thinks that this is his cause.However, after Ichigo presented his superiority, he explained that it was not Aizena, but his own.Aizen is very angry then, which has never happened before, and transforms for the fourth time.

His whole face changed, his right hand joined with Zanpakutō, and Aizen’s wings received an additional empty masks for shooting Cero.He hits Ichigo with the renewed power, but Ichigo is not impressed and uses the final GetSuga Tenshō.Ichigo takes a new form called Mugetsu, in which he becomes GetSuga himself.

Aizen is frustrated that Ichigo was able to become one with his Zanpakutō, even though he crossed the borders of the Shinigami himself.Aizen is immediately attacked and the final attack has devastating consequences.Aizen experiences thanks to his quick regeneration, but gradually returns to his second form.

Ichigo lost his powers of the final GetSuga Tenshō and is unable to continue the fight.Sōsuke Aizen takes the opportunity to face him and wants to end the fight.His Kyōka Suigetsu gradually disappears, which leads Aizena to the conviction that Hōgyoku feels that he no longer needs him.However, before Aizen can kill him, Ichigo is saved by Kisuke Urahara, because the sealing of Kidō begins to act.

This is one of the spells that Urahara has already recited while fighting Aizene in artificial Karakur.Believing that the Kidō spell can not seal him, Aizen changes back into Shinigami.Urahara explains to him that Hōgyoku no longer accepts him as his master.Sōsuke is now angry that someone with the intellect Kisuke works for the king.

Aizen does not believe in the logic of a loser, but the winner must always think about what the world should be, not what he is.The seal is complete and Ichigo looks away.After the fight, Kisuke explains that 46 central will decide about his fate.Similarly, Ichigo says Urahar that when Zangtsu and Kyōka Suigetsu crossed with each other, he felt that Aizen was very powerful since birth and that he wished a person equal to the strength next to him;However, he gave up this hope.

That is why Ichigo suspects that Aizen wanted to lose his powers from the bottom of his heart and that Hōgyoku had fulfilled this wish.Aizen sits attached to the chair and with one eye covered in front of Central 46, where it was decided that he should be sent to the eighth level (Muken) of the underground prison for 18,800 years.However, Aizen reacts calmly and brazenly to this verdict, which is why they also cover his mouth and second eye and increase the sentence to 20,000 years.

In which episode of Ichigo defeats Aizen?

The last moments of the battle, which we described above, took place in episode 309 Anime Bleach, entitled “Flowy Fight Final!Free, the final GetSuga Tenshō! “This episode showed the fall of Aizen and the effects of Kidō Urahara.The episode was adapted from Chapter 421, entitled “Deicide23”.

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