“I’m very sad,” says Carla Moreau after Belle’s apparitions

Carla Moreau once again talked about Belle’s statements about Kevin Guedja.He admits nervousness.You can find all the details here.

During the movie on YouTube with



He swayed, slept with

Kevin Guedjem

on the set

Battle of clans

.A bomb that quickly forced the main person interested to react.In his social media he said: it’s madness!

For me, this story is a movie

(…) It doesn’t apply to me at all.Let everyone make the decision, I don’t care.That’s right, it’s a shame to say such things, because this can raise some people’s doubts.And Kevin Guedj was quickly supported by his companions, such as Maissane and Alex.

For her part, Carla Moreau wrote the following message: “When it comes to what has just been said, I am shocked that people’s private life can be put to danger to such an extent without any morality.

It seems that we have forgotten that Kevin and I are married and we have a child.

Under no circumstances would I accept this kind of things for my daughter Ruby, regardless of whether we deal with television, whether we are published or not, even more than people who came to eat at my table!

We live in a very complicated world, in which in the case of clicks and noise we are ready to do everything without measuring the consequences!


“This will not make me make a mistake”

In the face of excitement that this story causes on the internet, Carla Moreau spoke to declare: “You can imagine that this type of video is not pleasant to listen to.

Yes, I’m very nervous.

Not very.After all that I went through in my life

This will not make me feel bad

.But more for my daughter.We live in France.It is not easy to bring him to school when it happened the day before.As for the rest of the story,

I will tell you as soon as I can.

I will share with you my point of view, my feelings, what happened during this session, as well as what was said in this film.

I will do it soon

“.That is why we will have to wait a bit before we find out more …