Interview: Nana Asteria talks about being an independent Vtuber and Vsinger

Nana Asteria is an independent English -language Vtuber and Vsinger from Australia.She debuted live 2D in April 2022.We had the opportunity to talk to Nana about her music and career of virtual talent.

Being a vtuber and vsinger

When to discover Vtubers first?Who or what inspired you to become a Vtuber?

I discovered Vtuber thanks to clips translated into English by Kaigai (fans from abroad) on YouTube.They were specifically Holol clips.I remember when I thought: “Who is this

A girl who puts slices on her …

on it [edited]. “They are so funny, undecided and simply funny to watch.

Suddenly my friends became Vtubers, and I only have 2 friends.And I began to follow their actions.I learned about many cool musical things that Vtubers do and thought: “Wow, well, I like music, I like to sing.”My friends begged me for half a year, so I started to feel really omitted.

So, to answer the question, what made me a vtuber: peers’ pressure.

Music is a large part of your content.What motivated you to start singing and creating original music?

So when it comes to singing, I was deaf at the sound.As a child, I sang only because I was happy.It’s therapeutic.He calms the soul, you know.However, for the original music it is a way for me to give the world my life experiences.From the first day as Vtuber I always wanted to create meaningful content for myself, because I’m not good at speaking.I have emotional constipation and I don’t know how to express my feelings.I feel a little too much.But I also want to create meaningful content for other people.

How did you feel when you released your first original EP Show Ya?

I was a bit scared because I have never shared my music with anyone before.This is my first time I write a full EP and there are many fears about how people review something that I don’t know, required a lot of courage and sensitivity to share the world.But it was so nicely received.Thank you very much for listening and being really support.As if the party was so overwhelmingly supporting.I finished writing 5 songs in one month.So I felt that he was also quite hurried, but I am really happy that people liked it.

But yes, I was very “scared”.

Are there any plans to release a full album in the near future?

I can only say that you will receive new music.However, it is very difficult for me to do [album] at the moment, because I am still planning more covers [songs].I still order people these covers and plan streams, plan events, and currently I also receive many orders for writing songs.So it was something that I was immersed in writing songs for other people.

However, my own music is something that I will always want to work on.So you will receive your goods.The drought will only last a little longer.Be patient!

Your original song, Darkest Before Dawn, contains heavy topics related to intimidation and mental health.Can you tell a bit about what inspired you to create this song?

Okay, I wrote Darkest Before Dawn when I was in a fairly dark period of my life.What particularly inspired me was, as I said earlier, the desire to write songs and creating content that convey my life experiences and world views to share them with people.I want to create content that means a lot to me personally and I hope that they will also have significance for other people.

I especially think that all forms of art and content about mental health are very important and particularly important to me.This makes me feel seen and it is really comforting for me when I see, I think … oh, you know, they express some problems from real life that deeply affect many people.But in a sense, it makes me feel like: “Oh, I’m not alone.”

The whole message of Darkest Before Dawn is that at the end of the tunnel there is light and there is hope for everyone.This is a message that I really wanted to express with this song and something that I always wanted to convey to people who struggled in my personal life.What is, I think, one of the biggest inspirations, why I wrote this song.

Your original song, show ya, is about rising and never back.Is this a specific audience to which it is directed and do you perceive the message of this song as part of your own journey?

For show ya I wrote this song just before my official Live2D debut!And it’s a bit like a song that contains my feelings related to starting this trip to Vtuber.So yes, these would be my goals, dreams and hope contained in the song.Willingness to be a “boss”.Wanting, you know, grow and cope well, and continue to exceed everyone’s expectations.And the audience to which I would refer this is every person who does not know me yet.This is what I meant when preparing for my debut.I want people to look at this song and say “Wow, the voice of Nany asteria!”

Your Cover Tot Musica by ADO with One Piece Film: Red has just reached 10,000 views [now 100,000], determining a new milestone for your channel.What do you think about reaching so many people with your music?

When I saw it for the first time, I thought, “It will never happen again.”Personally, I think I’m still very poor in singing.I think I’m still inexperienced.

I still don’t know many things, but have so many eyes and get so many views, it means that I’m doing something well.

So I hope that I will continue to do well and that more people will listen to my voice and my music.And, I don’t know, it’s a pretty big milestone for me as a unit.So I hope you know, this newly found success and looking at me will make me want to do even better!

Being part of the Vtuber community

You put your contribution to the Prismatic Dream texts and melody for Prism Project.How was it to write a song for another group?How was it to write a song for another group?

Honestly, it was so funny!I love all girls.They are very hard -working, very talented and for the first time I felt that my skills as the author of the songs were appreciated.It was a huge increase in self -confidence for me and made me feel very grateful.Again, I’m not alien to work with a group of people, I actually like group classes!So it was really healthy and comforting, seeing everything connected, and finally they loved this song.

Yes, prism state!

Recently, you received a distinction in the cover for the cover Amaleeā€™s Villain Vibes, even taking into account the “Cracked” designation.How is it to receive recognition from talents in a wider community?

I had an unsupported stream on this topic and I was full of time, cried, sobbing, twisted, I was everywhere at once.Many emotions.The greatest feeling was simply happiness, gratitude and disbelief.I do not believe that the coolest of all people called me “kakkoii” (cool) and that the most crazy people called me a madman.This is crazy!No, it’s not true, I’m still dreaming, someone woke me up!

Are there other talents that you think were the inspiration for you as a singer and streamer?

Well, as a vocalist, I would definitely say







And to

!I love them very much.As a streamer and vocalist, she doubled, she would be

Hoshimachi suisei

because I love her very much and still inspires me.

Finding success as an independent vtuber

Next month [during the interview] is the six -month anniversary of your Live 2D debut.What was the experience with Vtuber?

Oh, it was crazy.At the beginning I thought that vtubing was mainly a streaming transmission and just playing with the audience.Some giggles here and there.Funny, good, old times.And it’s still!But there is a lot more, especially when creating movies, such as covers, short films, shortcuts and editions.All different secrets of each platform.And I met many very kind, talented people.It was just a crazy ride.I think I also grew up as a person and I hope that we will continue to have fun together.

What are your feelings related to being an independent vtuber, not part of the organization?

I mentioned it shortly earlier, but it is a lot of work for the unit.You can often feel burned out or [experience] feelings that it is not enough.Compared to organizations in which you get more professional help and support, it is difficult to be independent because of the many secrets of being a streamer, being a singer, finding the right editors, finding the right mixers, finding the right animators, finding the right illustrators.You have to learn all this yourself.

This can be really discouraging, especially for people who are really shy and do not know how to communicate or make contacts.You often feel overwhelmed, because no matter what you do – it’s not that your content is bad or you are not funny, but you just don’t know how the algorithm works.Or you don’t know how to make miniatures or you don’t know how to edit your movies.

So sometimes he may feel quite lonely, but the benefits of being independent are great freedom!And you can literally do whatever you want.You say what you want, hell.And above all, you are responsible for creating your own experience and brand.And I think it’s really cool, so I really like to be independent.

Do you do something you do to take care of your mental and physical health?What are the biggest challenges related to maintaining health as Vtuber?

Okay, for me I go to therapy, like everyone should.Even if you don’t have problems with mental health, I think it is something very important, because talking about your feelings and knowledge on how to be honest in an effective and healthy way is very important.And although this is the end and transformation into a meme, go touch the grass.

So going out for walks.I call them “Hot Girl Walks”.Going to Hot Girl Walk is always super good.And yes, I just clean your room and take a hot bath.Hot baths are really good for you.I really started taking herbal baths, which have healing properties and are good for blood circulation and so on.Hot girl baths are also very good for you.

From the point of view of physical health, I can say a lot, but I think it is very important to know when to take breaks, as in the case of every work lasting from 9 to 5 hours.As a content creator, you can easily have a 16-hour work day and not even realize it.So [it’s about] the ability to set boundaries, for example “this is my time for lunch, if someone dies to touch me, I will destroy you all.”Having boundaries and knowledge when you should prioritize and respect rest time.

The biggest challenges related to [maintaining being] vtuber are 100% related to health.In particular with attitude, speaking, with singing.It’s really impossible to maintain at a time when you stream today, say 2-4 hours.Then you need to record the song for about 2-4 hours, and the next day you have to do it again.Then you need to record something like short films, and then you have to contact all those people who worked for you with various films.You often just work.You just burn out.

Another attitude.Sitting like a shrimp on your chair.Like a small shrimp in a chair for many hours.That is why remedies such as irrigation, stretching and change of attitude are really good.But they, even after streams – nobody talks about it – but we often sit in this chair and continue working.

So going for walks with hot girls and stretching is very important.Please, exercise everyone, stretch and take care of yourself for a long, healthy and balanced career.

Recently, someone has sent your cover to a trilili.How is it to have an international audience?What does Galaxy Gang mean for you?

I also found out about it recently.Part of me is simply “Woah, I am honored that you think I am good enough to be sent to other pages again.Wow! “So yes, I just feel honored.I do not plan to stream in a trilili in the near future, so I think that people trying to have an audience for me there, you know, nice “pog”!

But how does this feel to have an international audience?I feel that although most of my current recipients are Americans, sometimes there are a lot of Japanese, some Koreans, so I just say “WOW, even if you don’t understand what I am saying, I’m honored!”I try to teach languages best to be able to communicate with other people.Thinking that I am worth time, even if they do not understand what I say, is only emotion, a mane thank you!

And what does the Galaxy Gang mean for you?They have my heart.The Galaxy Gang has my heart and I am completely and immensely grateful to them, because everything I do now and my whole success, I owe only them.Thank you!

Is throwing a gach on a stream strengthening or weakness for your happiness?

Oh my.Ok, in my experience, the streamer’s happiness is true.Don’t tell anyone that I said it, but the streamer’s happiness is true.I’m kidding … sometimes.But most of the time I would say it’s Buff.I become more exciting.I have more noise.And this always provides fun.Even … Even if our favorite characters from anime do not return home.

Are there any shouts you want to convey?

My best friends,




.I love them with my life and I would not be here without them.Check them too!

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