Interviews from Monster Girls Manga ends in December

Manga released in 2014, inspired by the television anime from 2017

The tenth compiled volume of Manga, which was previously disclosed in November 2021 that the 11th volume of Manga would be the final volume, and will be sent in autumn 2022.

Kodansha USA Publishing publishes manga in English and describes the story:

Legend monsters walk among us under the name “semi -human”.Since he discovered “death”, a young man was obsessed with them.So when he gets a job as a teacher in a high school for girls, it’s a dream come true!But those Demi, among whom is a noisy vampire, a shy headless girl and a success, have all the problems that normal teenagers have, in addition to their supernatural conditions.How to deal with a class full of them?!

Manga appeared in the debut issue of Kodansha’s Young Magazine 3 in September 2014.Manga moved to Monthly Young Magazine in April 2021, when Young Magazine ended the publication.

Manga inspired television anime in 2017.Crunchyroll broadcast the series during his broadcast, and Funiation was broadcast by English Dub.

Manga has a spinoff manga by Kae Hashimoto and Hajime Honda entitled Occult-chan Wa Katarenai (Can’t Talk with Occult Girls), which appeared in Young Magazine on January 3, 2019. Manga was moved to Monthly Young Magazine in the same month asfrom Monster Girls.Kodansha also published the eighth volume of Manga on June 20.Manga will also end with the ninth volume this fall.

Source: November edition of Monthly Young Magazine