iPhone 15: this new rumor he is already dreaming about

The iPhone 14 was only available to a few weeks and we already have the right to a serious rumor about the iPhone 15.

As you can see, the iPhone 14 is more expensive than the iPhone 13 with almost 110 euros the difference.And if the rumor of the day works, then we should have a big difference in the price, switching to the iPhone 15. Of course, this information should be adopted with a grain of salt, but the iPhone Pro Max should be replaced with an iPhone Ultra.And on this occasion he should replace his main material.

New material for iPhone 15

So leaksapplepro, quite well familiar with the fact, said:

IPhone 15 Ultra will be made of titanium.

Ultra is a good thing because it is exactly the same material that is used in Apple Watch Ultra.The iPhone 15 Ultra should therefore follow a bright path.The main problem that appears is that titanium is much more expensive than steel.As reported


A kilo of titanium ranges from $ 35 to $ 50 compared to $ 1.5 with the same steel weight.We can therefore imagine without wetting the high-end version of Apple even more expensive.It remains only to add one or two technologies and we can potentially achieve the base price of 1500 or 1600 euros, knowing that the cheapest iPhone 14 Pro Max costs 1479 euros.

The main interest of titanium is, of course, its greater lightness, and above all its greater strength.Only positive points in use for the consumer.