“IPPON” again!PV 2 trailer, a new visual key and an additional casting of judo tv was revealed

Michi Sonoda, the main heroine of “IPPON” again!Anime series.Photo: Bakken Record

“IPPON” again!The release date of the anime is January 2023, and the exact date has not yet been disclosed.

PV2 trailer to the upcoming “IPPON” Again!(Mou IPPON!) Television Anime was released on October 21, 2022.

He was accompanied by a completely new key visual, both can be seen below:

IPPON again!Anime adaptation was announced in April, after which the PV1 trailer was revealed.

Mou IPPON!This is a sports anime.He tells the story of Michi Sonoda, Judoka, who plans to quit judo after his last junior high school tournament.However, her friend Sanae Takgawa has other plans – Michi invites to the high school club.

A completely new key visual again for “IPPON”!Anime series.Photo source: Bakken Record

Anime is based on the title series Manga Yu Muraoka, which is served in the weekly master Shōnen Akita Shoten since October 2018.

Individual chapters were collected in twenty volume tankōbon.

“IPPON” again!staff and cast

Ken Ogiwara directs the series in Bakken Record.Ogiwara is known for his work on Shadows House (episode director).

Additional employees are:

Pony Canyon – producer Aya Satsuki (novel SSSS.Gridman Another Load) – screenwriter Airi Takekawa – main animator director, designer of the character Shun Narita (when Ayumu makes his movement?) – music composer

“IPPON” again!The cast includes:

Ayasa Itou – Michi Sonodayukari Anzai – Sanae Takiegawa Chiyuki Miura – Towannenenene Hieda – Anna Nagumoanna Nagase – Tsumugi Himenoyumi Uchiyama – Shino Natsume

About IPPON Again!manga

As mentioned above, the television anime is based on Mou IPPON!Manga series written and illustrated by Yu Muraoka.

The story takes place in the Saitama Prefecture in Japan, where the Judo Girls Club Aoba West High School is located.

Michi plans to retreat for the final victory in the junior high school finals, but ends the fight with a powerful opponent and loses through IPPON*, which ruins her plans to end his career as a winner.What’s more, he loses consciousness during the match.

When she becomes a high school student, he meets with this Jiura, a girl with whom she lost in the final tournament.

Michi Sanae’s friend, who attends the same school, asks Michi to join the Judo School Club.

Probably both rivals will go to the same boat and learn a lot from each other.

There is still a lot of time until January 2023, so look for more anime announcements!

* IPPON (一 本, “one full point”)-the highest result that a player can achieve in martial arts IPPON-WAZA-ARA competition.Judo, Kendo, Karate and Jujitsu are one of the martial arts that use this system.