IRUMA-CM discloses the beginning and end of season 3 without a loan, the number of episodes

Welcome to the Demon School, IRUMA-CM season 3

He revealed non -redite versions of the opening and ending today after the broadcast of the second episode.Anime also revealed that it will have a total of 21 episodes, divided into 3 volumes of Blu-ray and DVD.

The first song is “Girigiri Ride It Out” by Fantastics with Exile Tribe.Masato Odake wrote the song lyrics, and Seiji Camera composed the music and performed the arrangement.

Welcome to the Demons School, IRUMA-CM season 3-opening

The ending contains “Nabugyou” from Wednesday Campanella.Hidefumi Kenmochi performed music, arrangement and lyrics.

Welcome to the Demon School, IRUMA-CM season 3-ending

BN Pictures Animal the sequel of the Anime series, which premiered in 2019.Makoto Moriwaki directs the third season of the Anime Iruma-Kun.Kazuyuki Fudeyasu is responsible for the composition of the series, and Yumiko Hara is attributed to character designs.Akimitsu Hondma composes music.

Crunchyroll broadcasts anime and describes the story as follows:

Suzuki Iruma, a man, 14 years old, one day is taken against his will to the world of demons.To make matters worse, his loving owner and self-proclaimed “grandfather” is a demon-guide in his new school.To survive, Iruma must deal with a haughty student who challenges him to a duel, a girl with problems with adaptation and many other terrifying beings!Will this final pacifist manage to avoid PROC and shot that they throw at him?When it is feverishly struggling, the innate goodness of Irura begins to overcome enemies.


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