Is Ichigo Quincy, Hollow or Soul Reaper in Bleach?Explanation of powers!

Ichigo Kurosaki is the hero of Tite Kubo’s Bleach and is therefore one of the most famous anime in history.Bleach is a trading brand in the world of anime and it should not be surprising that we are still writing about it in fiction Horizon.In this article we will talk about Ichigo Kurosaki and his powers.Namely, Ichigo is a unique mixture of power and skills in Bleach, and this article will serve as an introduction to his power and skills, because we will explain whether Ichigo is quincy, Hollow or Soul the bleach.

Ichigo Kurosaki is above all a man in Bleach and Quincy, because his mother is a pure quincy.He is also a substitute reaper of souls, but because he is not yet a soul, Ichigo cannot be a pure reaper of souls, although he will probably be when he actually goes to Soul Society.He also has Hollow’s powers, again thanks to his mother, but he is not a Hollow, although he was close to permanently becoming more than once.

The rest of this article will focus on three main groups of character in Bleach, except people.We will tell you if Ichigo belongs to them, i.e. whether he is quincy, Hollow or Shinigami (Soul Reaper) in the world of Bleach.This article may contain spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

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Is Ichigo quincy in the bleach?

The story of who Ichigo is, is intriguing primarily because he, as the hero of the bleach, has a mixture of power that can not be seen in any other characters, even if they present a combination of certain features.Now Ichigo is above all a man, so much is known, but he is not an ordinary man.Namely, from the very beginning of the story we know that Ichigo can see and talk to ghosts;His younger sisters Karin and Yuzu are also able to do this, but to a lesser extent, although their power increases over time.Their father, Isshin Kurosaki, seems to be the only one who does not see the ghosts.

But we were in the dark through almost all manga.Namely, the source of Ichigo’s power was his father, who turned out to be the former Shinigami and former captain of the 10 Gotei 13 branch, where his mother really gave Ichigo his powers.This was revealed in the Quincy War Ark.

Namely, Kurosaki Masaki, Ichigo’s mother, was the last of the Kurosaki family, who was one of the few “clean” quincy families.She was adopted to the Ishida family by Mother Ryūken Ishida, so from now on she always called her aunt Ryūken.During the rainy night, the massacres felt that two great reits are converging nearby.She couldn’t sit idly and wanted to see if she could help.Ryūken initially wanted to stop her, but he couldn’t.Masaki met the wounded Captain Isshin Shiba from the 10th Division of Gotei 13.

It was the fight against Hollow White.Thanks to her skills, the massacres were unable to hit Hollow, so she let him attack her.White bit Masaki’s shoulder, and the massacres took the opportunity to kill White with an arrow.Isshin thanked his savior, who introduced herself as Quincy.They both returned to their homes, but they still thought about themselves for many days.

Later, they met after Kisuke Urahara noticed something strange in the masaks, which after White’s bite slowly turned into Hollow.Isshin wanted Urahara to help her, but he could not do it without sacrifice by Isshin, which he did without hesitation.The massacres were saved in this way, but Isshin ceased to be Shinigami and went to the world of people, where he finally married massags.

So the massacres were quincy with Hollow’s powers and gave them to Ichigo after his birth.That is why Ichigo was able to see the ghosts before he became a substitute shinigami, but he did not know about his heritage, so he did not know how to use his power and skills of Quincy before the last arch.

Is Ichigo a Hollow in Bleach?

As for the fact that Ichigo is a Hollow, the basis was explained in the previous section, in which we determined that Ichigo’s mother was bitten by Hollow and almost turned into one;Although healed, she retained the remains of Reishi Hollow and handed them over to Ichigo during the birth.In this way, Ichigo was able to access Hollow.But no, he was never a Hollow, although several times he was close to transforming into it permanently.

The first time Ichigo gained access to his Hollow power, took place during training with Urahara, during the Soul Society’s thread.Namely, after Byakuya Kuchiki took over the SHINIGami powers, which Rukia gave Ichigo, Urahara explained to the latter that he still had his innate powers and trained him to have access to them.To do this, Ichigo had to access his internal Hollowa, power, which he didn’t even realize before.During this painful process, in which his chain of his soul almost ate, Ichigo risked the transformation into Hollow permanently, but took a risk for the good of Rukia.

Ultimately, he became a Hollow, which was witnessed by employees of the Urahara store, but it was only a coating, because Ichigo quickly returned to his normal state.Despite this, his inner Hollow was now active (also called White Ichigo) and constantly fought for control over Ichigo’s body, which caused him problems often;Sure, white Ichigo gave Ichigo an injection of power, but he risked his mental health and life.When everything began to fall down, Ichigo approached Shinji and Vizored, who went through the same attempt about a hundred years earlier.

The Vizored were former members with Gotei 13, which Aizen turned into Holle;These events led to their expedition from Soul Society, but also to exile Urahara and Yoruichi.The Vizoreds learned to control their hollow, which gave them a significant impulse in the fight and wanted Ichigo to join them, so that they could also teach him to control Hollow’s powers.Before going to Huco Mundo to save Orihime, Ichigo – indeed – he trained with Vizored and learned to control his internal Hollow, although he risked that he would become him again during this process.

His final confrontation with his inner Hollow took place in Huco Mundo, during the final clash with Ulquiorra, when Ichigo was apparently killed by the latter, but because of his sense of devotion to Orihime, he returned, but as Hollow.It was actually Hollow, because Ichigo lost all traces of his humanity in this form, which enabled him to defeat Ulquiorra, one of Aizen’s most powerful espads.Ichigo was a destructive beast in this form, but eventually he was saved by Orihime.

So no, Ichigo is not a Hollow.He has Hollow’s powers – which also allowed him to become a fullringer during the short section of Lost Agent – and he became a Hollow almost twice, but this process was never completed, and Ichigo never became a Hollow in Bleach.

Is Ichigo to Soul Reaper (Shinigami) in the bleach?

The last question is quite intriguing, because it requires a distinction from us, which-at least nominally-is not so clear to non-Hardcore fans of Bleach.Namely, everyone knows that Ichigo is Soul Reaper – he dresses like he, he calls himself, does what Soul Reaper does, etc. – But what if we tell you that he is not really a soul reaper?Namely, if you were cautious enough, you noticed that Ichigo called himself a substitute reaper of souls.This, although seemingly only lexicological attention, is actually very important because it shows that Ichigo is in fact not shinigami, although at the same time he is.Let’s explain.

As we said, Ichigo could see ghosts from an early age, but he never showed any proper power.His spiritual pressure was huge and he could even see Shinigami, that’s how he saw Rukia when she first entered his room.The great Hollow then wanted to eat his and his family, so to save them, Rukia gave him her powers and turned him into a replacement reaper of souls.Ichigo will later lose these powers, but thanks to the Urahar he woke his own shinigami powers and in the future he will become a substitute reaper of souls in Karakura.

There is absolutely no doubt that Ichigo has all the powers of Soul Reaper, but he is not right, no.He will probably become Shinigami in the future, but at the moment – it can be nothing more than a substitute Soul Reaper.Why?Well, just because he is alive!Namely, Shinigami are souls, or dead people who reincarnated themselves in Soul Society and became shinigami there.Souls are not alive and although they look like people who were before their deaths and can also travel between worlds, they are not alive.

This means that Ichigo cannot become a soul reaper as long as he lives, at least not quite.He may be a substitute reaper of souls, just like Ginjō before, but he cannot become a real shinigami when he lives.Due to his huge powers, there is no doubt that after death he will become shinigami, but for now he is human quincy with the powers of Hollow, who works as substitute shinigami in the world of people.

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