Is Twice Really Dead in My Hero Acadekaren (and what happened to him)

Fans of My Hero Acadekaren recently suffered a great loss after releasing one of the previous episodes of season 6, “One’s Justice”.Extremely nice Twice was not very lucky (and actually he had, as he said) and ended up in the face of death in the battle with hero number two Hawks.But what led to it and did he actually die?

[Front spoilers]

My Academy of Heroes Karen died twice this season.He was killed by Hawks when Twice and his partner Dabi fought during the invasion of the heroes to overcome the paranormal liberation front.

Although he died twice from the hero’s hands, he did not always behave like a villain.Until the last moments, Jin Bubaigawara was faithful to his feelings and was able to express them to his loved ones.Let’s immerse ourselves deeper and look at how it all happened exactly.

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Jastrzębie plan

Since the commencement of the Endeavour Agency Hawks, he was in contact with the mysterious Dabi, which was then part of the former Ladczyncy League.All this in order to enter their inner circle, to find a way to interfere in any plans they have, which is ultimately capable of when he infiltrates the paranormal liberation front.There, still observed by Dabi and Skeptic, another commander, Hawks intentionally establishes an interesting relationship with Twice.

Hawks planned this because he believes that Twice’s quirks were an extreme threat to the heroes, because it can cause great damage on a large scale due to his multiple and even infinite bodies.But thanks to this approach, Hawks approached Twice, and each of them respected and cared for the second.Hawks even believed that Twice was a kind person and a really good guy, because his motives were so clean, while Twice was inspired by Hawks, gained great trust in him and hoped that they could fly together as high as they wanted.

Then Hawks finally used this relationship to get information about the front plans.Twice cheated by him, Twice ends revealing a place where shigaraki sleeps, which leads to the fact that the heroes also attack the hospital where Shigraki and the doctor are located.

The truth is that Hawks never enjoyed the use of Twice after their friendship flourished, but she had to do it for a greater good.He showed him great admiration twice when he taught him about the book Meta Liberation War, gave him advice on the ideology of liberation and gave tips on how to cooperate with other front members.Thanks to honest faith in their relationship and the fact that Hawks was a good man for him, soon after he was really hurt.

Twice failure

As soon as the raid run by the heroes begin to infiltrate the Pararanormal Liberation Front base, Hawks quickly turns to Twice to imprison him, making him unable to take part in the great battle.Realizing that everything that happened between him and Hawks was a game, Twice is deeply hurt.He is also perceived by him as another opportunity in which he led his friends to trouble, since in season 4 he introduced the reconstruction of the villain to the league league, which finally killed one of their members and hurt Mr. Compress.

So, blaming both of these situations, Twice is full of rage and sadness, and finally attacks Hawks, who, despite the fact that he was the one who first confronted with the second, desperately tried to make Twice calm down and repent for his crimes.Hawks really tried his way to help twice, suggesting that he would put him back to his feet, if he gives up, calling him a good guy and not wanting to fight.But Twice didn’t care too much.

Twice he rejects every opportunity that Hawks tries to give him and tries to attack him with many of his doublets, although they are easy to destroy them.Hawks even gets deep into Twice’s chest and immobilizes him after he said that he must beat him as soon as possible, because the hero’s worst fear is to deal with someone who never gives up.Despite this, Twice does not give up, claiming that he will do everything in his power to protect the league’s happiness.When Hawks is ready to eliminate Twice, he is suddenly interrupted.

Final fight

When a duel between Twice and Hawks seems to reach a climax, Dabi appears with purple scars to save Twice, when he steps down to Jastrzębie and uses his quirks of the blue flame to set fire to Jastrzębie.This fire ends with burning most of the feathers of Jastrzębie, preventing him from fighting with full power.Dabi reveals that he never trusted Hawks and expected his betrayal from the very beginning.

Jastrząb, stating that he is not able to fly because of the burned pen, again fear is attacked by Dabi, while Twice is trying to run to him.Dabi encourages twice, saying that they have to destroy all heroes and let him everything.After nailing Fridays, Twice escapes in the hope that he will help his friends, but Hawks, who was able to fly and avoided Dabi’s flames, appears in front of him.

Twice he desperately screams at Hawks to leave, and Dabi goes out to call Jastrzębie according to his real name: Keigo Takami.It surprises Hawks and ends for a long time for Twice to escape when Hawks wonders where Dabi knew who he really was.But Hawks does not allow Dabi to divert his attention to a long time, because he is preparing for the task of Twice’s last blow during escape.

The last moments of Twice

Just as Twice is running away and being in the crosshairs of Hawks, he makes double and sends him to his best friend Himiko Gowni and his partner Mr.Compressa who are attacked by the hero.After reaching them, double Twice kills the hero with many blows in the neck with a knife and saves them both.When Himiko and Mr.Compress begins to run towards the bunker of the base, Twice explains that he can no longer do doublets and that he really tries to hold on with what happened to what happened to his original body.

He reveals twice that Hawks has cheated on them and is very sorry about it.Then he approaches Himiko and uses the handkerchief she gave him during renovation, and tries to clean her dirty and hurt face.He apologizes for the last time, when his clone begins to melt in Himiko’s arms, which means that his original body has finally surrendered.Himiko hugs and for the last time she thanked him for saving her and being her friend.

When his last thoughts pass, Twice realizes that after the whole time he had spent at the attempt to find himself, he never even hoped such a wonderful friend as Himiko was for him, thanks to which he feels that he finally had a blessed life.He remembers how Hawks said he was born with bad luck and denies him because the entrance to the league league made him happy, happier than he could ever wish.

In the end, he was a happy man twice, even after finding a painful death.His death will not be forgotten by fans or by people involved in the series.Let’s wait and see how it all goes and remember the life of Jin Bubaigawara.

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