It all starts here: Clément Renzki will soon come back?Manufacturer’s answers follow us

Many fans of the series here everything begins hopes to the return of Clément Renm.Were they right that they believed it?

Despite the passage of time, some fictitious characters will always be overlooked by the audience.As for the TF1 series here, everything starts, the character of Maxime Delcourt, about which

it’s hard to forget

.Indeed, almost a year has passed since the lover of Salomé Deckens left the famous Institute of Belertry.However, his translator, Clément Renie, retains a special place in the hearts of those who follow the soap opera every evening.Although new heroes have joined the culinary school since then, their behavior is sometimes far from unanimously towards this family audience.

In November last year, Maxime Delcourt hung his apron and actor.Clément Renmiens left a series he wore from the first episode.At that time, the one who played the boy Salomé in the interpretation of Aurélie Pons declared La Voix du Nord:

“I am very pleased with everything that happened, but there is a rush all the time,

We don’t stop working … and I have to see something else. ”

The actor, however, did not want to leave the bands of the series in embarrassment.”He warned us a few months ago so that we had time to write a great publishing house.It also allowed him not to include it in all threads to get the viewer used to the fact that Maxime is no longer in the center of everything.said producer Sarah Farahmand to Télé-Lisirs.

Clément Renmie, is coming back soon?

Many viewers are all beginning to succumb to the charm of Clément Renm.However, if some hope that they will see a young man in the kitchen again, they will have to make a decision.Recently, in an interview with Télé-Lisirs, Sarah Ferahmand, a historic producer of the series, said about the actor: ”

He overturned the site, even if he remains a large family

“.Thus, subsequent threads will have to rotate mainly around the character of Axel, played by

Thomas Dacosta

.What’s more, the channel already shows its foal, which is currently in the casting up to the twelfth season of Dancing with the Stars.