J-Novel Club 3 manga licenses, 2 light novels

Lady Rose just wants to be common, Haibara’s Teenage New Game+, The Coppersmith’s Bride, more

The J-Novel club announced on Wednesday during its live broadcast on Twitch that he has a license for the following manga and a series of light novels.All titles will debut digitally with the first parts or chapters between Wednesday and Thursday.

Can FII explain misunderstandings, avoid causing romantic (and dangerous) events and get rid of all hair so that she can live a peaceful, ordinary life of her dreams?See the story of a former nobleman who does not want to sit and wait fortunately to enter a white horse!

Can Haibara avoid previous mistakes, climb to the top of the school social pyramid and end his dreams with the girl?Or maybe he will be forced to re -experience three years of loneliness as the most hated guy at school?He will need any help he can achieve to succeed, from the training plan to online guides, a childhood friend and a lot of pure willpower.See how Haibara shows her teenage years for the second time!

What is not ready for is a sudden proposition out of nowhere!She barely finished high school, is she ready for the next step?And more importantly, can he really break into the prestigious Kowalska family?!

On the day of the admission ceremony at school, Mary realizes that she is living in the Otome game she played in her previous life.Not only that, but is a villain, whose destiny is to torment the heroine, throw away from a noble society and end her story in ruins.Most would do everything to avoid such a pathetic fate, but Mary doesn’t!He happily immerses himself in a wicked role, which she was born to, preparing a course for a disaster.

However, not everything goes as planned.Despite making every effort to intimidate and harass the heroine, Alicja, a gentle girl seems blind to Mary’s intentions, and even meets her as a friend.What does our wickedness have to do to make her dreams come true?!

Between treasure hunters adventurers who murder their way through the maze and the monstrous rivals joining the fight, it will not be an easy task for newborn to imitate!But although it seems that Harumi has received a short end of the reincarnation stick, he has an invaluable advantage on its side.They say that Helen of Troy’s face fired a thousand ships and well … It looks like Harumi’s legs can do the same!

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