J-NOVEL CLUB License Five new titles Light Novel & Manga

The digital publisher J-Novel Club announced that he has a license for five new titles Light Novel and Manga on his Twitch account and on Twitter on October 12, 2022.

New licenses include three new manga and two light novels.All titles will be given digitally with the first parts or chapters each week from Wednesday to Thursday.

J-Novel Club will also have its own stand and industry panel at this year’s Animenyc, which will take place at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from November 18 to 20, 2022.

Here is detailed information about each new license:

The first new edition is the adaptation of the manga of the series “Lady Rose Just Wants to Be a Commoner” by the series “Lady Rose Just Wants to Be A Commoner.”It was released under the J-Novel Heart banner and for the first time appeared in episodes of FLOS Comic on May 28, 2018.Manga is illustrated by Yura Kiyose, and Kooriame and Hidakans are considered the original author and the artist, respectively.

Esther Sun is a translator of the manga series, with Nicholas Rose assisting as an editor, and Camilla L. works as an editor.

First a new manga title for the J-Novel Heart line, “Lady Rose Just Wants to Be a Commoner” Yury Kyose!After reincarnation in Otome, FII finally enjoys life as an ordinary man after a bad ending, but the bachelors will still not give her peace!


-J-Novel Club (@jnovelclub)

October 13, 2022

J-Novel Club describes Lady Rose Just Wants to be common as:

When the engagement of Felicja Schwarose with the successor of the throne is broken due to false allegations, one would expect that he will be torn into pieces … but instead jumps with joy!Perhaps she was reincarnated as the heroine of the Otome game, but she doesn’t want to have anything to do with a higher society.In this way, Fii Crow becomes a modest plebeian earning for everyday bread in a rural bakery.Everything is good that ends well?Not yet – love interests in the game will simply not give her peace!Can FII explain misunderstandings, avoid causing romantic (and dangerous) events and get rid of all hair so that she can live a peaceful, ordinary life of her dreams?See the story of a former nobleman who will not sit and wait fortunately to enter a white horse!

The new Haibary + Teenage New Game + game is a romantic series of light novels written by Kazuki Amamya with illustrations by Gin.The first volume was published on December 1, 2021 in the Japan HJ Bunko Hobby Publishing House.

Esther Sun explains the series, and Casey Print acts as an editor.

Shameful memories and deep regrets from high school are part of each of us, right?Self -proclaimed final introvert Natsuki Haibara has more regrets in high school than he can count … However, he suddenly goes back to the times from these catastrophic days!🏫


-J-Novel Club (@jnovelclub)

October 13, 2022

J-Novel Club describes light novels as:

We all have embarrassing memories or deep regrets from high school, right?Natsuki Haibara, a socially restless senior college, certainly yes.When he returns to that period of his life, everything he has is fleeting fantasies about the happy adolescence that could be.Imagine his stunning and surprise when he is inexplicable in the past – a month before the first grade of high school!Can Haibara avoid previous mistakes, get to the top of the school social pyramid and end his dreams with the girl?Or maybe he will be forced to experience three years of loneliness as the most hated guy at school?He will need any help he can achieve to succeed, from the training plan to online guides, a childhood friend and a lot of pure willpower.See how Haibara takes a second photo in his teenage years!

Miedziak’s fiancée Namo is a romantic Manga comedy, which first appeared in the Enterbain Hart Seinen magazine on May 15, 2020.

Alyssa Niioka is a manga translator into English, Megan Turner is an editor, and Macaran is the author of letters.

Shiina, a first -year student in College, leads a cozy life in Niigat’s prefecture, meeting her boyfriend, Kotlar, Shuu.The only thing she is not ready for is SHUU’s sudden proposal!She barely graduated from high school, is she ready to become a “bride of Mielarz”?💍


-J-Novel Club (@jnovelclub)

October 13, 2022

The Manga series is described by J-Novel Club as:

Shiina, a first -year student in College, leads a cozy life in Niigat’s prefecture by dating her boyfriend, boilerer, Shuu.She got used to the rhythmic sound of his hammer, internally calling him a “blacksmith walnut” for his obsession with Kulen in the workshop, even on days off.What is not ready for is a sudden proposition out of nowhere!She barely finished high school, is she ready for the next step?And more importantly, can he really break into the prestigious Kowalska family?

Manga of adaptation of light novels Young Lady Albert will be published in English for the first time.Tsukasa Satsuki deals with graphics for the manga series, while Saki and Haduki Futaba are considered the original writer and illustrator, respectively.For the first time he appeared in episodes at B’s-Log Comic and Flos Comic on June 5, 2018.

The English translator is Nikolas Stirling, Dawn Davis serves as an editor, and Elena Pizarro helps in writing letters.

The rich, powerful and daughter of the prince, Mary Albert is the perfect young lady with extraordinary ambition – her own fall!By embracing her new life as a villain in Otome, “Young Lady Albert is in the face of a disaster”!💐


-J-Novel Club (@jnovelclub)

October 13, 2022

J-Novel Club describes the manga as:

Meet Mary Albert, a daughter of a rich and powerful prince.With his neat silver curls and impeccable manners, she is the perfect young lady.But Mary has extraordinary ambition – his own fall!On the day of the admission ceremony at school, Mary realizes that she is living in the Otome game she played in her previous life.Not only that, but is a villain, whose destiny is to torment the heroine, throw away from a noble society and end her story in ruins.Most would do everything to avoid such a pathetic fate, but Mary doesn’t!He happily immerses himself in a wicked role, which she was born to, preparing a course for a disaster.However, not everything goes as planned.Despite making every effort to intimidate and harass the heroine, Alicja, a gentle girl seems blind to Mary’s intentions, and even sees her friend in her.What does our wickedness have to do to make his dreams come true?!

These legs don’t lie!Harumi-san heritage as the strongest follower is a light novel written by Tsuyoshi Fujitaka and illustrated by Yuunagi.A single physical volume was first published on April 16, 2018, collecting a total of 35 chapters.

The light novel began as an internet novel about Shousetsu ni Narou on May 21, 2017 with two story threads, before it ended in a total of 28 internet chapters on September 10, 2017. Japanese publisher Earth Star Entertainment released a new illustrated version of the series on April 16, 2018 underEarth Star Novels brand.

Kevin Chen is a light novel translator, and Maral Rahmanpour is an editor.

The last new series is “these legs don’t lie!Harumi’s heritage as the strongest follower “by Tsuyoshi Fujitaki!Harumi wakes up and discovers that she was reborn as a follower!She was thrown into the maze and said she had to survive.Fortunately, he has a really legendary pair of legs! 🦵


-J-Klub novel (@jnovelclub)

October 13, 2022

J-Novel Club describes these legs don’t lie!Harumi-San heritage as the strongest follower as:

Harumi doesn’t remember much, for example who he is and where he comes from, but one thing is certain … Somehow she was reborn as a treasure chest-a shaped monster-imitation!And as soon as he realizes, she is unceremoniously thrown into a maze full of other monsters and says that he must survive at least five days.Among the treasures eager for adventurers who break through the maze and the monstrous rivals joining the fight, it will not be an easy task for the newborn facial expressions!But although it seems that Harumi has received a short end of the reincarnation stick, he has an invaluable advantage on its side.They say that Helen of Troy’s face fired a thousand ships and well … It looks like Harumi’s legs can do the same!

Source: J-Novel Club