Jeffrey Dahmer: The sinister relic related to a serial killer put up for sale for $ 250,000

After his glasses, another ominous item related to Jeffrey Dahmer was put up for sale.He never stops talking about a cannibalist serial killer.

From the premiere of the series




Interest in the serial cannibalist murderer is growing rapidly … so much that he is in the center of many reactions in social networks, but also

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who idealize him.Something that will cause you chills in your spine.But the enthusiasm around the serial killer goes much further.Maybe even too much?Proof,

Jeffrey Dahmer real glasses

They were put up for sale for a colossal sum.To know

USD 150,000

!And you can safely assume that many fans of the series (i

Evana Petersa

) would be willing to spend such a sum to get this nasty item.And this despite the anger of some Internet users in the face of this controversy and this sale.However, this type of actions do not end, quite the opposite.


famous glasses

This is now another morbid object related to

Jeffrey Dahmer

which was put up for sale.This is his alleged urn!Like glasses, Taylor James, the owner of Cult Collectibles in Vancouver, gave his community a message.So he said:

“Monster’s ash vase of Milwaukee

This is the rarest item related to the real crime that I will present on this page. “But before the Internet user decides to publish his fortune, you still need to know if it really is

urna wyborcza

seryjny morderca

. Bo na razie nic nie zostało udowodnione. Jednak ta rzekoma urna pozostaje

najdroższym reliktem

obecnym na stronie…

What is the price of Jeffrey Dahmer urn?

If the buyer wants to get

Jeffrey Dahmer’s alleged urn

, he will have to pay a modest sum …

USD 250,000!

The sum that makes you dizzy.Especially since we don’t know if it’s about

real ashes of a serial killer

.We remind you that the criminal was killed in prison in 1994.Then he was cremated in 1995.His ashes were then divided and handed over to parents.As for his brain, although his mother Joyce Flint wanted to preserve him for scientific research, the referee finally ordered

brain cremation

.Giving the reason to his father Lionel Dahmer.However, the last place of his remains is unknown.Questions about this famous

Urns put up for sale for USD 250,000

.In any case, madness around

Jeffrey Dahmer

It’s cold at the back.