John Carpenter: Master of horror would like to adapt this masterpiece JV

Horror master John Carpenter recently spoke to the Avclub microphone, and the man took the opportunity to talk about video games.

John Carpenter loves video games, it’s nothing new, and in a recent interview for

AV Club

The man repeated his love for this medium.In particular, it was an opportunity for him to talk again about the game that he would absolutely like to adapt to the film.

John Carpenter is interested in video games

Monster from Dead Space (remake).

In this interview we can read:


Have you ever thought about adapting the game?

John Carpenter:

The only thing I think about and I mentioned it before is a dead space.It would be a very good movie.I could do this.

It must be said that the horror has many similarities with

The Thing

in the configuration of the watch, and even in the general design of creatures.No wonder then.But the man does not stop there and also explains his huge interest in video music.

AVC: Have you ever thought about writing the original soundtrack to the game?

John Carpenter:

If someone asked me, I would definitely do it.But nobody asked!

Because yes, in addition to being a director, Carpenter is also a talented composer.He also took an active part in the famous Halloween film, which can be found below:

Later in the interview, John Carpenter also talks about the concept of fear in video games:

Stroke: Are you afraid when playing games?


Well, I don’t like things to jump on me and threaten my character, no!Don’t threaten my character, I want to survive.Many games punish you for death.This is one of the things I love in Fallout, I don’t punish you.You die again and again during a difficult mission.I like this.

Definitely a horror master seems to like video games.I hope that the development studio will hear him (not intended word game) about his call to create an orchestral composition.