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Jujutsu kaisen chapter 201

The chapter appeared recently at the end of the Kenjak meeting with the president.Now the witches of Jujutsu will have to face another

new obstacle.

Currently, the series has revealed insight into the Kengak plan regarding the complete abolition of the concept of damned energy from Japan.And for this purpose he visited the president’s office to convince him.So what will happen next?

In the last chapter, ITADORI successfully conveyed his message


that Sukuna is a disgraced.Now, to bake Satoru Gojo, they must eliminate Itadori, and Fushiguro knows that with help


We can beat him.But now the question arises whether Fushiguro will take steps to take away the life of Itadori?

On the other hand, Itadori also wants to give his life to protect everyone.Remember, Satoru Gojo has already explained to him that one day he must die along with Subuna.Now it depends on Fushiguro’s decision how he can save his friend, sister and senseia.

In addition, the angel informed them during

10 minutes

, joined

807 new players

Playing in slaughter.Another obstacle has come.The second half of the panel was connected to the Kenjak plan, in which he wanted to erase the cursed energy from Japan.

We learned that the concept of damned energy is only available in Japan.And now foreign countries must get involved in this concept.The head of the nuclear department believes that damn energy is a form of energy, and the world can use it to replace fossil fuels and natural resources.

He also showed that Gojo itself can feed the whole nation.That is why Kenjaku and others exert pressure on the president to take action against a Japanese citizen who cursed energy.

In our opinion, Kengaki will offer them a prison kingdom in which they will be able to use the cursed energy of Satoru Gojo Energia.If so, there is a high probability that we will never witness the battle between





Chapter jujutsu kaisen 201 spoilers

Finally, raw scans and spoilers

Jujutsu kaisen, chapter 201

, were removed.Below we mentioned detailed spoilers, so let’s get into details.

The chapter will start with the continuation of the last panel in which the US president will be angry with Cyrus for proposing the idea of abduction of people for the study.But Cyrus will explain that this is the only chance to gain an advantage over

Russia, China and other nations.

The president will ask lieutenant Gary how many staff need for this mission.So, Gary will ask Kenjak about the power of a white -haired man (Gojo).Kenjaku will come to light that Gojo was sealed in November.The president will then ask lieutenant Gary how many staff need for this mission.Gary will think and suggest that one company of soldiers abduct the wizard.Gary will think that JP people lack muscles and strength of shells;However, Kenjaku will ask to send a battalion at least

800 soldiers.

Gary will make fun of him, so Uraume will say: ”

Let’s try.

“.two sorcerers, and you have fifteen soldiers outside;Of these, 13 are an elite.So that they could stop Kenjak.The president and others will move to the eastern wing of the White House to see their power, while Kenjaku and Uraume will move to the west wing.Gary will think about a crushing victory and suddenly it will witness that all elite soldiers stationed outside are starting to rise into the air because of a curse that looks like an elephant.Finally, Kenjak will come and say that you understand, so let’s start hunting for a sorcerer.

The last panel is

Angel, Megumi, Yuuji



They run out.Below we attached raw scans of chapter 201 jujutsu kaisen.

But at the moment when Gary boasted a huge victory, suddenly all elite soldiers stationed outside begin to fly up the air because of a curse looking like an elephant (or shikigami?)




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October 13, 2022



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October 13, 2022

Date of chapter 201 jujutsu kaisen

As usual, chapter 201 jujutsu kaisen will be according to the schedule that falls

October 16, 2022 (Sunday)

.The next chapter will show the appearance of soldiers in a slaughtering game against sorcerers.

Where to read jujutsu kaisen chapter 201

If you want to read the early chapter, you can follow TCB scans, and the official chapter will be released on Sunday on Viz Media and Mangaplus Shueisha.We will come back with the next entry of Jujutsu Kaisen.Until then, be with us on a regular basis and read the articles listed below.

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