Jujutsu kaisen chapter 202 delay: a sorcerer in trouble!release date

Unfortunately, Chapter 202 Jujutsu Kaisen will not come back this week.He currently has a break, so fans must remain calm to know about the fate of the sorcerer.Well, things get out of control after the involvement of the US and president.Now they have to unite to fight powerful forces.But can they do this?It seems that in the upcoming chapter the case they will take a drastic turn.Read on to learn more.

In the following history, Kenjak will make a bold decision and succeed in manipulating the president.Now the witches must pave the way to protect themselves from being experimental mice.Meanwhile, the fate of Gojo hangs in the air when the fallen and Angel are fighting to release Gojo.

Jujutsu kaisen chapter 202: What next?

The previous chapter ended in suspense.Now it will be continued from there.In this chapter, Yuji will find out that Sukuna is a fallen player.That’s why Angel wants to kill him to save Gojo.In addition, Kenjak’s conversation with the President of the United States will change everything.Now wizards are new research subjects and want to know their energy source.So he introduced himself to the White House officials as a suggestion.Now the president wants to collect their specimens in November during the games in slaughter.

Well, the time has come when everyone gathers, so it will be easier for them to deal with it.However, the president asks American forces for help and allows them to join the slaughtering games that indicate trouble for sorcerers.He will also focus on the fallen and calling an angel to justice for Gojo.So Megumi and Itadori will discuss the situation at the end.However, he remains unclear whether the events related to poorer will take place in the upcoming chapter or at the end of this chapter.

Short summary!

201. The chapter of Jujutsu Kaisen was exactly where it ended.Cyrus Veil talked about the importance of using cursed energy as an alternative energy source.He claimed that one sorcerer could produce enough energy to solve serious problems in the country.He added that the witches differed from ordinary people.Their brains were wired differently.So they needed a large number of samples for their experiment.But the president was afraid to do it.

Cyrus continued that several nations, such as Russia, China, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia, will outdo them if they do not take a step soon.They should not forget about Germany.He consisted in giving up nuclear energy.He pointed out that other countries such as France, Turkey, India and Korea will also apply for such energy sources.His facts drew the president’s attention.Kenjaku thought they should collect specimens during their November meeting.He also ordered his districts to start patrolling more intensively to protect his Japanese-American citizens.

Jujutsu kaisen chapter 202: release date

Well, Kenjak has already informed the US authorities about the origin of the wizards of Jujutsu.So the challenge for sorcerers will be to find a way to save their souls.But do not worry.You will receive all answers in Chapter 202 Jujutsu Kaisen, which will be broadcast on October 30, 2022. It will be available at Shonen Jump+, VIZ Media and Manga Plus.Be cautious.Anime Daily will inform you on a regular basis.