Jun Fukuyama, TRD returns to perform thematic songs to The Vampire dies in the second season of the anime

Fukuyama occurs at the opening, TRD ends the performance

The new single Fukuy’s single will be released on January 18.TRD Single will debut at the end on February 15.

The premiere of the season will take place in January 2023.

Ayumu Murase will play Mikazuki, Dampir, who came to Shin-yokohama to exterminate vampires.

Hiroshi Kujina (Grenadier, 2011 Hunter X Hunter) returns to direct anime in Madhouse.Toshi Takame is responsible for the composition and script of the series.Yukie Sugavara (the vampire dies in the first season No Time, Overlord, Kino’s Journey-the Beautiful World, No Guns Life) was originally announced as responsible for the series scenarios.Mayuko Nakano (Maiden Rose, www.wagnaria !!) returns to design characters and also acts as the main director of animation.

Fukuyama performed the first song of the anime “Dies in No Time”.TRD performed the first song with “Strangers” ending.

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On Dralc, a vampire you are afraid of because it is apparently invincible.The vampire hunter Ronaldo goes to Dralc’s castle after he found out that Dralc had kidnapped the child.But when Ronaldo arrives at the castle, he discovers that Dralc is still dying because of every little thing and turns into dust.The real nature of Dralc is the weakest vampire of all.

Fukuyama plays an easy to kill, but easily resurrected vampire DRALK, while Makoto Furukawa plays a vampire hunter.

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Manga in Weekly Shōnen Champion in June 2015.


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