Kaguya-sama love is war chapter 278: first meeting!Date of release and more

It was announced that the favorite manga of fans would end in the coming weeks.That’s right, in the next four chapters Manga will say goodbye.The next in the queue to release is Chapter 278 Kaguya-Sama Love Is War.The last chapter is the last trip with the participation of Ishigami and Iino.And now it’s time for Kaguya and Miyuki to take a central place.Here’s everything you need to know about this chapter!

In the next chapter Kaguya-Sama we will look at how Kaguya contacts Miyuki.These two rarely parted for such a long time.In this way, they will definitely plan your journey to spend some time together.But what will be the future of this love?

Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Chapter 278: What will happen next?

Now there are only four chapters remaining in the manga, Miyuki and Kaguya will certainly return to history.Recently, it was seen that she was still busy with other students.From Miko Iino to Nagisa, Kaguya played a side character in each of his stories.But now her time has come to shine again.What’s more, the fans waited to see Kaguya and Miyukki in one cage.There is no way that they can meet in the near future in Kaguya-Sama Love is War, Chapter 278.

So video conversation is the only option available.Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Chapter 278 will open when Kaguya misses her partner very much.It is the same with Miyuki on Harvard.Then they will plan a journey to meet again.

Summary of the previous chapter!

Kaguya-sama love is war, chapter 277 was the last chapter of Yu Ishigami and Miko Iino.It was after many chapters that fans saw on the main screen.But they did not expect that these two would appear for the last time.So the chapter begins with the fact that Miko spends time with his cat, which was lying on the couch.The new duties of the chairwoman of the local government did not suit the girl.Most of her friends withdrew, saying that they want to focus on learning.

It was a time when she felt the need for a friend and partner.It was then that she went to Ishigami and asked him to join the student government again.After a great quarrel, Ishigami said that he would pay back for all the good things that Miko did for him.The chapter was over when Miko finally confessed her love for Ishigami.

Kaguya-sama love is war chapter 278: date of release

The final release date of the next chapter was announced.And in fact, there is no break in the release of this chapter.After the final is announced, fans are already eagerly waiting for the concert to say goodbye.So Kaguya-Sama Love Is War Chapter 278 will be released on October 13, 2022.Fans will be able to catch all manga chapters only on the official pages of Kodansh.Finally, look at The anime Daily to get all updates only here.