Kanye West employs lawyer Johnny Depp

Kenyye West encounters a lot of controversy and it seems that he needs solid defense.That is why he appealed to the lawyer Camille Vasquez, who is known for defending Johnny Depp in his trial against Amber Heard.

Over the past few years, public opinion has become accustomed to dividing statements and behaviors

Kanye West

.The famous American rapper is still

is displayed in the media

And don’t hesitate to express your opinion.He is already in the worst condition because of the divorce with Kim Kardashian.Although the couple

she was overstated

For several months, in 2022, the rapper apparently did not overturn the page.But this is not the only worry he has to deal with now.Kanye West was very controversial since he spoke in the media about

George Floyd’s affairs

.This man died in 2020, strangled by a policeman who knocked him down, pressing his knee to the victim’s neck.His death caused indignation around the world.

In the podcast “Drink Champs” Kanye West returned to it

tragic event

.However, his statements shocked.He clearly says that “the knee was not around his neck (Georges Floyd).”With such an affirmation, the rapper tries to clean the charges of Derek Chauvin, a policeman recognized as the death of Georges Floyd.The family of the deceased did not fail to react.In particular, his mother now demands over $ 250 million from Kanye West.

Colossal sum

, which led the star to build a solid defense and choose

good lawyer!

Kanye West defended Camille Vasquez

Since the case of Amber Heard against Johnny Depp a lawyer

Camilla Vasquez

She became famous.Indeed, she defended the former pirate actor of the Caribbean and assured him

beautiful victory

.Amber Heard was forced to pay Johnny Depp $ 10 million.Today he deals with a new great matter.This young lawyer will have to defend Kanye West, which is not easy because

Multiply errors

for some period of time.In order not to arrange the image at the end

Fashion Week

He presented in Paris on October 3

a collection that caused indignation

.At this event he was wearing the “White Lives Matter” t-shirt, the slogan used by white supporters of supremacy.In response, the Kering Group announced that they are finishing cooperation between Kanye West and Balenciaga.