Kazuki Takuhashi with yu-gi-oh!He died trying to save others from Riptide, says that the US Army

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He informed the stars and stripes

October 11 that Yu-Gi-Oh!creator

Kazuki Takahashi

He died, trying to help save three people who were caught in the current.

According to Stars and Stripes, Major Robert Bourgeau, deputy operational officer, the tenth support group at the Torii station and the diving instructor were in the siren cave in Okinawa with two students, when he noticed the Japanese call calling for help.The 11-year-old daughter of a woman and an American soldier was caught during a tide of about 100 yards from the shore.While saving the girl, Bourgeau discovered that the woman herself was also caught up.

It seems that the 60-year-old Takahashi tried to help Bourgeau in his attempt to save.While Bourgeau did not notice Takahashi during the event, his students saw the manga artist several times until he disappeared.Bourgeau noticed that “the conditions were really difficult.”

Stars and Stripes informed that although Takahashi’s actions were not confirmed by the spokesman for the Coast Guard, they were listed in many testimonies of sworn witnesses of the American army.

Takuhashi was found while diving with a tube.July 6 on the coast of the naked city in Okinawa.He was later identified on July 7.Bourgea, who was nominated for the soldier’s medal for rescue, called Takahashi a “hero” who “died trying to save someone else.”


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